Review of Alfaleads — a Great Place to Work with Numerous Verticals

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Alfaleads is an international affiliate program operating in verticals such as iGaming, dating, sweepstakes, finance, video games, eSports, and many others. Both advertisers and affiliates can join the program.

Advertisers help develop the brand and attract high-quality traffic in large volumes, while affiliates monetize it. And if you want to try different verticals in one place, Alfaleads is an excellent starting point.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

What to Know About the Alfaleads Affiliate Program

In its almost 10 years of operation, the team has accumulated extensive experience in solving various issues and has opened offices in six countries. The team itself consists of over 250 professionals, and the company partners with giants like Booking, Uber, and Binomo.

Approval for the affiliate program is only after an interview, so you’ll need to fill out a detailed questionnaire and undergo an interview. Therefore, joining immediately won’t be possible.

Advantages of Alfaleads

Alfaleads has many advantages, some of which are rarely found elsewhere. For example, legal support that is ready to take on unlocking accounts, legalizing business, accounting, and legal support for your activities. The Research & Development department helps partners launch campaigns on new traffic sources and geos, as well as optimize them.

In addition, there are exclusive offers, reasonable KPIs, and good caps. There is also support that will assist with registration, select the most suitable offer and effective methods of working with it, provide promotional materials for free, and help with advertising setup.

And that’s not all. Alfalead’s partners get access to:

  • High payouts;
  • A wide range of payment methods;
  • Convenient statistics and analytics;
  • Easy integration with trackers and analytical systems;
  • App development;
  • Free applications, both iOS and Android-based;
  • PWA constructor.

Verified partners can expect payouts upon request and invitations to exclusive events.

Partners are paid depending on the vertical for depositing, registration, mobile app installation, in-app purchases, video views, credit card linking, and more.

Registration in the Alfaleads Affiliate Program

To register in the affiliate program, you will need to fill out a lot of information in three stages.

First, you will be asked to fill in standard info: name, surname, email, password.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Then you will need to provide information about your location, fill in contact details through one of the communication channels, and attach statistics.

At the third stage, you will need to describe who you are, your occupation, the CPA networks you have worked with, main traffic sources, preferred verticals, geos, average number of conversions per day, accept the terms of the affiliate program, and wait for contact to complete the interview.

If you are an advertiser, during registration, you need to specify the vertical, the promoted product, company type, contact details, and your website.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Additionally, you will need to choose a cooperation model, preferred traffic type, geo and device targeting, integration type, and payment terms. After this, the application will be sent for review.

Alfaleads Personal Account Overview

We are greeted by the first tab – Dashboard. Here you will find a card with your personal manager’s information and your statistics for the day and the last 10 days. You also have access to new and top offers.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

The Offers tab provides access to offers. There are over 550 of them available here. You can search by name, vertical, geo, and request access.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In the ‘Available’ section, you’ll find offers without the need for request, while in ‘Live’, you’ll find those you are actively promoting. You can view details and available creatives for each offer.

The Smartlinks tab is divided into ‘All’ and ‘Available’. You can view connected sub-accounts for each.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

The ‘Statistics’ section is very detailed. You can view statistics for a day, by conversions, offers, currency, smartlinks, browsers, operating systems, devices, countries, cities, sub-accounts, goals, events, referrals, and mobile ISPs.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In the ‘Payments’ tab, data regarding your payments is displayed. You can filter by scheduled and on-request payments.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In the ‘News’ tab, you can read about current events in the affiliate program, while in ‘Referrals’, you can track their registrations.

How to Withdraw Money from the Alfaleads

You can withdraw funds from your personal account. It is possible to do this upon request.

The minimum payout amount is 30 USD/EUR. Payments are made weekly from Wednesday to Friday.

To withdraw funds, you can use:

  • Webmoney (USD);
  • Capitalist (USD, EUR);
  • Wire Transfer (USD, EUR);
  • Paxum (USD, EUR);
  • Paypal (USD, EUR);
  • Visa and Mastercard bank cards (USD) – when choosing this payment method, additional information may be required to complete the transfer.
Alfaleads Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

The payment method is chosen in the settings. Here you need to specify the currency and your wallet or card.


Leave your feedback about Alfaleads in the comments to this material.

Share your experience, tell us what you like, and what could be improved. Also, attach screenshots of statistics so that other readers know how much you can earn in the affiliate program.

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