Presets Case Study: Quick Setup, 57% ROI, Exceptional Automation

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024

Recently, RollerAds has released a new feature — the campaign presets. This tool enables you to pick the most optimal campaign settings across almost every GEO and vertical we work with. This way, you can save your time on campaign setting up and optimization. And in order to demonstrate you how the feature works, we have prepared a case study for you. Visit RollerAds recent post to learn more about the presets, alongside other updates, or read on the article to see the feature put to practice.

Picking the Offer

Prior to describing what is preset and how it works, we need to define the context and tell you about the offer, which was selected for the explanatory purpose. We decided to go for TotalAV offer from CpaRoll network and the reason lies in its lucrative metrics — some of them were known before the campaign, others were revealed after obtaining the results:

  • Budget: $200/daily
  • GEO: US
  • Bid size: $1 (upper threshold)
  • Cost per Lead: $2–3
  • Return on Investment (ROI): 57%

Definition of Presets

Presets are a decent alternative to classic campaign creation. They are divided into categories and can be filtered by vertical and GEO.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024

A veritable lifesaver is the ability to test several sources simultaneously and exclude the underperforming ones.

Starting a Campaign

Business as usual, follow these bold bullet-points:

  • Create a campaign
  • Select push notifications
  • Choose the bidding model you prefer

Regarding the bid model for this case, you can decide between CPC and SmartCPC. The former is a fixed bid for every source, while the latter relies on AI to adjust the bidding size within a certain budget span.

  • Pick the right preset

We had an offer from the TotalAV advertiser, who prohibits using scary creatives. Which is why our preset of choice was “US | Mobile | Utilities | Policy”.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024
  • Add the creatives

Here are some examples that work well, at least for the TotalAV campaign.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024
  • Choose your GEO

TotalAV is a multigeo offer, but we decided to go for the US. Adjusting the regions, providers, IP addresses etc. is not required — leave these settings to default.

  • Input the desirable bid

This step will depend on the bidding model chosen beforehand. When running classic CPC, you may want to ask your manager about average bids. In case of SmartCPC, the system will bid averagely automatically. We went for the latter alternative, so we only had to specify the top threshold beyond which the bidding algorithm cannot go. The bid of $1 was chosen, since the traffic will cost us the average price per zone anyway.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024
  • Limit your daily budget

In order not to flush all the budget down the drain while trying out new tools, limit your daily spending. Our daily budget was limited to $200, as you can see in the picture below.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024
  • Narrow down your targeting settings

The final step is to set up targeting. Pretty straightforward here — rake in all the devices, allowed by the offer conditions.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024

At the End of the Day…

As you can see below, save for a few days, the campaign launched profitably. A couple of zones were far from satisfying, but after a bit of optimization, the campaign went uphill and started to gain momentum. Specifically, we made a whitelist and blacklist, plus adjusted our bidding strategy. The screenshot also demonstrates moderate traffic volume, caused by the daily budget limit; but since all the zones convert well, the ROI was good. We’d like to remind you that there was minimum optimization made to the campaign.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024

Alternative Campaign Setup and Optimization Methods

Now let us take a look at some alternative approaches that you might use.

  • Campaign Cloning and Optimization: if you start off by creating a base campaign and then cloning it for different GEOs or offers, you will be able to use successful elements from the original campaign and make additions to specific needs.
  • Third-Party Optimization Tools: with the help of some third-party tools, you can easily automate aspects of campaign optimization, such as such as bid adjustments.
  • Manual Campaign Setup: generally speaking, it gives you a full control of every aspect of your campaign starting from targeting options. However, if you choose this approach, you will have to understand affiliate marketing very well.


The case study you have just read is aimed at minimizing the efforts on the affiliate’s part regarding campaign setting up and optimization. Thanks to the experience of the industry professionals packed into neat presets, you can quickly establish any campaigns.

Should you have a dozen of campaigns, you are bound to end the day with a headache with manual adjustments. Presets are a huge lifesaver, as they enable you to delegate all the routine to smart AI, while you are doing something more pleasant and/or important. You spend less time and achieve pretty much the same high returns as during manual setup.

Try out our presets yourself and see how convenient they can be. As always, we are here 24/7 to help you in affiliate marketing endeavors.

Case Study Presets 57 ROI Exceptional Automation 2024
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