Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024

Entering new geo, working with new offers or verticals, searching for information about advertisers — in such cases, the accuracy of the collected data is crucial. However, gathering data can take a lot of time and effort, and it’s not always possible to be confident in the accuracy of the obtained information.

That’s why we’ve compiled the top verified sources of free data that will help webmasters find information about geo, target audience, companies, and trends.

Free Data Sources

When working with any of the sources, always pay attention to the geo. Some agencies and websites provide information only for specific countries. If you rely on them when launching campaigns in other countries, you may exhaust your entire advertising budget.

Google Dataset Search helps find various data (social, demographic, medical). Google Dataset Search works like a regular Google search engine: you enter the query you need, and the system compiles a catalog with links to paid and free sources.

For example, if you’re promoting pet supplies, you can use Google Dataset Search to find out which area of New York has the highest number of registered pets. The same goes for any other data.

As for geo, Google Dataset Search covers all countries in the world, many regions/states, and even individual cities. However, the search result for geo will depend on the context of the query. For example, you can find detailed statistics on the number of pets in New York but may not find similar data for Mali.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Example of a query on Google Dataset Search

This is a tool by Google that helps track popular topics. Note that Google Trends only takes into account high-frequency phrases. It analyzes the popularity of the query and evaluates it on a scale where 100 points represent maximum interest in the topic.

Affiliates can use Google Trends to learn about tendencies, find popular topics and events, view the dynamics of specific queries, identify peaks in demand for seasonal products, as well as assess competitors, and understand how geo influences user search queries.

Data is available for all countries worldwide. You can also view information for specific cities if they are included in the Google Trends catalog.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Google Trends homepage

We have no doubts that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. But did you know that many alternative search engines without restrictions and censorship also attract a large number of users? Find more details in our article.

U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau is an important data source for affiliates aiming to enter the American market. It is the Population Census Bureau of the United States, essentially the central statistical agency of the country. The U.S. Census Bureau provides demographic, social, and economic data. The information from the portal will be useful in working with all offers and verticals. For example, you can learn about the labor market situation, healthcare, audience incomes, and more.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Homepage of the U.S. Census Bureau

The Official Portal For European Data

Currently, the portal hosts over 1,600,000 datasets. It’s a vast library where you can find statistics on finance, healthcare, crime rates, and demographics. Please note that all information is gathered only for European countries.

Affiliates can use the site to analyze the market, consumer behavior, audience preferences, social trends, and level of competition. Overall, it’s a useful portal, but it will take some time to navigate through the reports and data catalogs.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Homepage of The Official Portal For European Data U.S.

It’s a portal that collects and organizes data about the United States. Here, information is gathered on various topics: healthcare, education, environment, economy, transportation, energy, and more.

One of the advantages is the availability of data on goods and niches. For example, you can obtain information about the number of electric vehicles in the country or about car accidents. It’s also useful if you are driving traffic to vehicle insurance. All data can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF, CSV, JSON, and HTML formats.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Homepage of U.S. UK

It’s equivalent to the American but with a different interface and geo — the United Kingdom. It provides the same set of data on demographics, healthcare, economy, etc. All UK data are considered official as they are collected by the central government, local authorities, and state agencies.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Homepage of UK

Health Data

A useful data source for affiliates that advertise health products and insurance (life and health). On the website, you can find information about public health as well as fresh data on COVID-19. The primary geo of the research is the USA.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Data catalog Health Data

Data sourses devoted to the health statistics are perfect for nutra vertical. By the way, check out our article and know how to choose the perfect Nutra offer when driving traffic from Facebook.

The World Factbook

It’s a useful website if you need to obtain data about a specific geo. On the World Factbook, you can find all the necessary information about the selected country: geography, demographics, language, religion, gender ratio, urbanization percentage, climate, economic data, currency exchange rates, and more. It’s useful if you want to enter a new geo, optimize, or personalize your launched campaigns. The World Factbook provides statistics for almost all countries worldwide, and you can find the desired state either through the site’s search engine or by clicking the “Countries” button in the top right corner. The portal is available only in English.

Note: To ensure data quality and relevance, always check the publication date to see if it aligns with your research needs. Also, investigate the data source methodology. Reputable sources will often explain how they collect and compile their data, giving you confidence in its accuracy.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Review of data on Ethiopia on The World Factbook

Open Corporates

OpenCorporates gathers information about companies worldwide. Here you can find data about advertisers, and major CPA networks, as well as information about the financial situation of companies, their reputation, and even their legal structure. The website works with all geos, but keep in mind that some locally known brands and companies may not be displayed in OpenCorporates. In such cases, it’s better to check them manually, through searching for ratings and reviews.

By the way, you can search for information in OpenCorporates not only by project name but also by key personnel.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Homepage of Open Corporates

Kaggle Datasets

This is a vast library with over 297,000 datasets. Affiliates can find information here about anything: from housing prices to parking fines, for example, in Los Angeles. It’s a useful portal for getting acquainted with the selected geo. Additionally, on Kaggle Datasets, you can learn about the audience’s musical preferences, for example, to choose suitable sounds for Reels and YouTube Shorts. You can find data on the stock market or information about the most downloaded applications.

The site has data from various countries, but information about some of them may be outdated. Therefore, be sure to check the upload date of the files, which is displayed above the title of each dataset.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Search page for Kaggle Datasets

Pew Research Center

If you’re looking for sociological data, then Pew Research is the perfect source of information. Here you can find important information for campaigns: public opinion, trend analysis, data on social life, etc. However, to access all the information on the portal, you’ll need to sign in. Overall, on the Pew Research Center, you can find research data from various countries and regions worldwide. However, the bulk of information pertains to Tier-1 countries: the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Homepage of Pew Research

AfDb Data Finder Repository

It’s an important portal that provides access to data across Africa. On the AfDb Data Finder Repository website, you can find a detailed overview of:

  • Economic data. Covers GDP, inflation, unemployment rates in African countries, etc.
  • Social conditions of the population. For example, you can find information about healthcare, education, social protection, and demographic trends.
  • Financial reports. Include information about the financial system, banking sector, financial stability, credit ratings, etc.
  • Infrastructure data. Reports on this topic include information about transportation, energy, communication, water supply, construction, etc.

Overall, it’s an indispensable tool for all affiliates working with Africa.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
Homepage of AfDb Data Finder Repository

ADB Data Library

It’s similar to the AfDb Data Finder Repository website. It’s considered the main online data library for Asia and the Pacific region. There is a convenient breakdown of statistics by categories and countries.

On the website, you can find reports on the economy, business, education, healthcare, social conditions of the population, transportation, large and small businesses, etc.

Top Sources of Free Data for Affiliate Marketing 2024
The search page of AfDb Data Finder Repository


The accuracy of some data is crucial for the success of campaigns. That’s why it’s so important to take information search and fact-checking seriously. However, if you’re already using reputable free data websites, you can save time not only on finding information but also on verifying it.

P.S. While free resources offer a wealth of information, it’s important to remember they might have limitations. Data may not be the most recent, or the scope might be narrower than what you need. For instance, demographics like age and income can be found on resources like the U.S. Census Bureau, while gauging consumer preferences for specific products might require a platform like Kaggle Datasets. Always check the data’s publication date and source to ensure its relevance and credibility.

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