How to Choose the Perfect Nutra Offer

Selecting the Best Nutra Offers A Guide 2024

We have our own checklist for filtering offers. Here’s a checklist that would allow you to choose the perfect Nutra offer when driving traffic from Facebook (the sequence is random):

  • Demand. We look at the presence of demand in the GEO using Google Trends + Google Keywords Planner + a spy-tool + analytics from open sources (usually local media).
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product. How the offer is more interesting than hundreds of its analogs in terms of composition, packaging, ease of use. Also, the form of the supplement (campaigns for ointments and care products last longer than pills).
  • What landing pages, pre-landers, banners, png-images are available. Is there an opportunity to do video shooting? Evaluate usability, order form, design, loading speed.
  • Approval percentage and guarantee. Look at the % and average figures for this geo on other offers. Ask about the call-center: where is it located; do native-speakers work there or not; how many tests need to be run to get a guarantee.
  • Rate. Ask how much the rate can be increased with the presence of quality traffic.
  • Advertising requirements. What approaches are prohibited, what creatives can be used, what is considered a target action, what about delivery to all regions of the geo, what is the target audience.
  • Geo:
    • level of education, medicine;
    • income level and average age;
    • number of target audience according to the advertiser;
    • how popular Facebook is;
    • climate (depending on the theme of the offer);
    • competition and auction overheating in this geo.

We do not specify the payment model, everyone can adjust these points for themselves.

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