What Are Facebook King Accounts and How to Drive Traffic from Them?

What Are Facebook King Accounts 2024

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about King accounts on Facebook. Today, at AffDays, we’ll cover the specifics and principles of driving traffic from King accounts, provide tips for creating them, and linking other profiles to King accounts.

King Account: Definition, Driving Traffic Principle, and Benefits

King account is a Facebook account to which a webmaster attaches advertising accounts of other profiles.

Keep in mind, that King is not a type of account but a role in the combination. It is given to the most warmed-up and trusted profile to attach several less-quality accounts to it (we call them subsidiary accounts).

In practice, this approach simplifies driving traffic and scaling because:

  • The trust of the King extends to all attached accounts. This saves time on farming and allows running ads even from unprepared accounts;
  • After the attachment, you can control and manage all campaigns from the King account;
  • The risk of blocks decreases since the webmaster rarely visits the subsidiary accounts after the attachment.

In 2024, the majority of webmasters drove traffic from Facebook using King accounts. Alternative setups prove to be less effective, as well as promotion from single accounts.

King accounts can be bought or made by yourself. Purchased accounts perform best when they are rented profiles of real people. After purchase, it is important to let the King account have 1-2 days to settle before starting the work.

If you want to advertise on Facebook, you might be wondering how to link a payment card to your Facebook ads. Special for you our team has compiled 11 ways to link a payment card to Facebook ads in one article.

How to Make a King Account by Yourself?

To use an account as a King one, it needs to be warmed-up properly. The warming-up principle depends entirely on Facebook’s mood, so there is no single approach to it.

For example, when webmasters encounter mass checks, the age of the account becomes important. During mass Risk Payment, it’s worth switching to quality consumables for a single geo.

Such approaches are chosen through trial and error because Facebook algorithms are constantly changing. Usually, for King accounts warming-up it’s enough to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Warming-up period: at least 30 days;
  • Two-factor authentication: enabled. You can enable it via phone number, Authenticator extension for Chrome, or online services;
  • Advertisement on the account: present. If Facebook shows ads on a warmed-up account, it slightly increases trust in the account;
  • Proxies: mobile, without negative history. Mobile proxies live longer compared to static ones.

Otherwise, preparing a King account is no different from regular warming-up. Accumulate cookies, fill out the account, and show social activity like a regular user to build trust.

How to Attach Other Accounts to the King?

The requirements for “subsidiary” accounts are minimal, even fresh profiles will suffice during quiet times. Before launching, make sure there are no restrictions on the accounts and that they have no negative history.

You can attach accounts using the following method:

  1. Open the King and “subsidiary” accounts in an anti-detect browser;
  2. Add the “subsidiary” accounts as friends to the King. If Facebook prohibits sending requests from accounts that are manually registered by webmasters, you can send an invitation from the King account;
  3. Go to the Ads Manager of the “subsidiary” account, open the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the left menu;
What Are Facebook King Accounts 2024

4. Click on “Add People”;

What Are Facebook King Accounts 2024'add people' button

5. In the pop-up window, select the role “Ad Account Admin” and specify the King account added as a friend;

What Are Facebook King Accounts 2024'add people to this ad account" window

6. Click “Confirm.”

At this stage, you can close the “subsidiary” profile; it’s already attached. Let the account settle for 2-3 days after attachment and manage the ads from the King account, switching accounts using the panel in the top left corner:

What Are Facebook King Accounts 2024

There are other ways to attach, for example, through a Business Manager.

Remember that the more profiles attached to the King account, the higher the chances of blocking. Also, the quality of farming affects the chances of attaching many accounts.

During quiet periods, you can attach 2-4 accounts per day. It’s not advisable to try attaching a mass of accounts at once – this will lead to the ID verification.

Potential Risks

This article explores King accounts, a method for managing multiple Facebook ad accounts. However, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks involved.

  • Violating Facebook’s Advertising Policies. King accounts often rely on techniques like using multiple accounts with one “parent” account, which might be against Facebook’s rules. This can lead to account bans and advertising restrictions.
  • Reduced Control. While King accounts offer centralized management, a single ban on the King account can disable all connected ad accounts.

Safer Alternatives for Facebook Advertising

Also, considering some risks, we prepared some alternative methods that comply with Facebook’s Advertising Policies:

  • Single, optimized account. Focus on building trust and credibility on a single Facebook ad account. Ensure you comply with Facebook’s advertising guidelines to avoid restrictions.
  • Facebook business manager. This platform allows managing multiple ad accounts and pages from a central location. You can grant access to different team members for specific roles, ensuring better organization and control without violating policies.
  • Collaboration with verified partners. Partner with agencies or individuals who have established verified Facebook ad accounts. This helps to use their experience and potentially reduces risk.

Prioritize safer alternatives for Facebook advertising. Use only reliable methods to avoid possible risks and bans.

Submitting a Facebook policy appeal can be confusing. In addition, many mistakenly confuse policies with restricted advertising access to the social account. Fortunatelly, we’ve an article that will easily clarify these question.


The strategy with King accounts and automatically registered accounts attachments helps drive traffic from Facebook more comfortably, saves time on warming-up, and scales more effectively. Today you’ve learned how to work with King accounts in practice. Hopefully, the material will help in promotion!

P.S. Using King accounts carries inherent risks, and we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with Facebook’s Advertising Policies before proceeding. This article is for informational purposes only.

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