Compilation of Websites for Free Backlinks Placement

Compilation of Websites for Free Backlinks Placement 2024

Here’s a collection of websites from the WEB 2.0 category to use as donors for link building. On these sites, you can create your own blog and post articles with backlinks to your own projects:

  • The site has a DR of 57 and allows you to quickly register your blog on a subdomain. To register, simply provide your email, site name, and password;
  • With a site DR of 60, indicating a high number of external links. After registration, you’ll access the site’s admin panel, where you can publish articles;
  • Another powerful site with a DR of 58, where you can register an account and post content with a link to your project. For guaranteed indexing, we recommend using unique content.

Remember that sites are highly dependent on the niche, and black/gray niches may not pass moderation. Prefer promoting sites in white niches.

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