Analysis of 300 Expired Domains

Insights on 300 Expired Domains and Their Usage 2024

We’ve conducted an analysis of over 300 expired, and here’s what we discovered: if something is still being placed on an expired domain, then they are:

Websites with informational articles

Sometimes dropped domains are used for monetized informational articles. Often, this is AI content, and here’s an example of such websites: — covered with ads. AI content gets around 15-20k visits per month or likely $500 per month. If you were the owner of this website, a good option would be to sell the site for $15k (which is more than feasible). This website was bought for $500. — is bought for $500 and turned into a themed site. Good and readable articles. The site worked fine for 2 years, but in October ’23, it crashed: Way of monetization is display ads.

PBN Sites — is bought for $780. Again, AI content + selling links from guest posts. Also, similarweb shows 90k traffic + AdSense monetization. — similar traffic model + guest posts. — sells guest posts.

There are plenty of these sites, and their goal is to sell links, sometimes managing to get traffic.

PBN Sites for Own Website’s Development

People buy domains and put links to their websites on just a few pages. Examples: — is bought for $3200, essentially there’s just one PBN link. — is bought for $1800. — all links in the sidebar lead to Indonesia, apparently to their own network. The domain is bought for $480.


Of course, gambling domains are mostly created for Indonesia. If you ever saw ‘Situs Judi Online SBOBET‘, then that’s the one.

Companies and Businesses

They buy back their own domains and set up sites that were there before. They also take a decent slice of the pie.

e-Commerce websites

People buy and post affiliate articles for Amazon. There are a few of these, but they exist. is bought for $2,000. The owner set up the site, and it even started collecting traffic, about 10k per day, but after the May 2022 update, it completely collapsed: — is bought for $1k and did not succeed at all.

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