Case-Study: Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador

Case Study Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador 2024

In just a couple of days, one solo webmaster, Anastasia, found a working approach and tested the most relevant offer category for Latin America with a 33% ROI.

The most important thing is that the combination is quite stable and highly relevant. In this material, you will learn how to replicate the results, what to consider when selecting offers and geos, the principles to launch campaigns, and which promotional materials yielded the best results.

Brief summary of the case:

  • Spent: $1050;
  • Earned: $1404;
  • Profit: $354;
  • Campaign period: December 7-10;
  • ROI: 33%;
  • Target audience: Men aged 45-60+.

The main goal was not to maximize profit but to explore opportunities for future combinations on a larger scale. The case study suggests the approach may be viable with smaller budgets. However, longer-term testing is needed to determine long-term effectiveness and scalability.

Note: adult affiliate marketing offers potential profits, but also carries inherent risks and regulations. Understanding these is crucial. Always prioritize transparency in your marketing and comply with advertising regulations specific to your platform and target location.

Regarding the Choice of Offers and Geos

This article explores adult affiliate marketing strategies using a case study with AffStar, a prominent affiliate network. A manager from the AffStar affiliate program recommended testing one of their offers called Gladiator. These are natural capsules for enhancing men’s health, which is always a good choice for Latin America.

Note: This article explores adult affiliate marketing with AffStar, but remember it’s informational only. Regulations and risks abound, so research thoroughly before starting.

Case Study Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador 2024

But the manager had other reasons to recommend this offer:

  • Hot season. During winter in Latin America, it gets hot and locals switch to wearing open clothing and spend more time in social settings. In practice, this increases the demand for all types of adult offers.
  • Convenient format. Gladiator is available in capsule form, making them easy to use and carry. Additionally, it provides a quick way to enhance potency without the need for public disclosure or doctor visits.
  • Comprehensive action. The audience values the offer for its ability to address multiple men’s health issues simultaneously.
  • Time-tested. This offer has consistently converted well in Latin America since its launch and we are confident in its results.

Anastasia chose Ecuador as the geo for promotion. The country has shown positive results throughout the year and the auction allows for lead generation at a comfortable price.

Below, we have compiled some details to consider when promoting in Ecuador:

  • Languages. Use Spanish, other languages in the country are not widely known;
  • Financial capability. Low, mention discounts and the ability to solve problems without additional expenses on promotional materials;
  • Sources. Facebook and local Google sites for 18+. The webmaster chose Facebook for this purpose;
  • Audience. Similar offers are targeted at mature men over 45 who want to improve their sexual health and stay in shape for as long as possible;
  • Values. Family and a satisfied partner, an active sex life, a desire to maintain good health for as long as possible;
  • Special feature. The country has a low level of education and many people trust traditional medicine. It’s worth using this and mentioning the natural composition.

Accounts and Tools

Anastasia used regular automatically registered Facebook accounts, manually warmed up. Proxies – mobile, WhitePage – unique, created specifically for the offer.

Additionally, launching with Facebook required traffic distribution. Keitaro handled this perfectly – it’s an affiliate marketing tracker with excellent protection against unwanted traffic and detailed statistics for each click.

Case Study Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador 2024

Promotion Strategy

It was decided to run campaigns on Facebook, which has decent volumes in Ecuador. Familiar launch processes and excellent optimization algorithms are in place.

For the setup we used the following targeting options:

  • Gender: Men;
  • GEO: Ecuador;
  • Age: 45-60+;
  • Placement: Advanced.

We tested the combination following a 1-3-1 strategy, meaning each campaign had 3 ad sets with one advertisement each. Different approaches were used for creatives within each ad set to increase the chances of success.

The initial budget for the ad group was approximately $40 per day. Based on the results of the first day Anastasia disabled the least effective ad set and scaled the other two. The scaling results can be seen below:

Case Study Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador 2024
The currency of the account is the Mexican peso. Exchange rate: $1 ≈ 17 pesos. The peso shares the same symbol as the dollar ($), as they have a common history dating back to the 15th century.

Approaches for Making Effective Creatives

Anastasia used the static banner format for creatives. It is relatively straightforward to develop and allows for various testing approaches, leading to successful launches.

For each ad set three different creatives were tested using the following approach:

  • Jar-focused. Emphasizing the visualization of the offer and its features (like jars with pills);
Case Study Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador 2024
  • Including a woman. A more subtle version without a direct mention of the offer, but with a hint at the theme;
Case Study Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador 2024
  • Combined. A merged version with offer visualization, a discount and an attractive young woman.
Case Study Drive Traffic Easily for Adult Offers in Ecuador 2024

Each of the approaches could yield results and the effectiveness depended on the specific account and niche.

Also remember, that creatives are just the first step. A well-designed landing page that builds trust and effectively communicates the offer’s value is crucial. Test different layouts, headlines, and calls to action to maximize conversions.

Results of the campaign:

  • Campaign dates: December 7-10, 2023;
  • Expenses: $1050;
  • Revenue: $1404;
  • Profit: $354;
  • ROI: 33%;
  • Approval rate: 36%.

Anastasia’s success highlights the importance of targeted campaigns. Beyond demographics like age and location, consider interests, behaviors, and even specific life events that might make your audience receptive. Utilize platform-specific targeting options to refine your reach.


As a result, Anastasia earned over $350 and found a stable strategy for running adult campaigns this winter. That’s a positive result, and we encourage you to consider adapting this strategy for your own campaigns! But remember that it’s important to be transparent about the product and avoid misleading claims. Responsible advertising practices should be followed to ensure user safety.

P.S. This article offers a glimpse into adult affiliate marketing, but remember it’s for informational purposes only. While potentially profitable, this field comes with risks. Regulations vary by platform and location, so be sure to comply and avoid misleading claims. Adult content restrictions are common, so research advertising regulations and payment processing options before diving in.

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