Engaging Phrases for Affiliate Marketing: Attract and Retain Clients with Words

Engaging Phrases for Affiliate Marketing Best Examples 2024

Words hold tremendous power because they allow us to express our desires. Alternatively, others can articulate our needs, helping us find a way to satisfy them. Therefore, words are one of the primary tools in advertising. In this material, we explore magnetic words that capture users’ attention, prompt them to take some action and as a result, increase website traffic/customer numbers.

If you do not ask yourself some basic questions whether affiliate marketing legit or scam, then we’re sure you’d like to know how to use right words in your affiliate endeavours.

Words for creatives that persuade to buy

There are five words that, according to marketers, have the strongest influence on customers. They are so persuasive that they motivate purchases. They are often used in creative titles, email marketing, and other advertising formats when you need to quickly but strongly attract consumer attention.

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instant
  • New

Words in advertising that evoke strong emotions

In addition to the headline/email subject line, we also have the actual text. The words you use in it are important too. The key is not to overdo it, so the consumer doesn’t forget why they came to your website, for example. And there’s nothing stopping you from using these words in headlines and creative titles.

  • Unexpectedly
  • Announcing
  • Sensational
  • Amazing
  • Recommendation
  • Necessary
  • Hurry
  • Now
  • Stunning
  • Innovative

Such words usually emphasize the exclusivity and urgency of the product, evoking a strong desire in people to buy or subscribe as quickly as possible.

Engaging Phrases for Affiliate Marketing Best Examples 2024

Magnetizing words motivating joining a community

These words are often favored for use in email marketing and on landing pages when promoting a service.

  • Become a member
  • Register
  • Follow the link

Phrases for creatives that evoke a sense of exclusivity

If you want to grab attention for your community and increase the number of loyal customers, it’s not a shame to appeal to their sense of exclusivity. After all, we all want to feel like we have access to something unique. These phrases are particularly suitable for login forms and call-to-action buttons.

  • Request an invitation
  • Insider
  • Subscription-only access
  • Be the first to get it
  • Join beta testing
  • Exclusive offer
  • Stay informed
  • Exclusive for members

Phrases in advertising eliciting a sense of scarcity or lack

Advertising often plays on our sense of scarcity and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), particularly when promoting offers and discounts.

  • Limited offer
  • No more supplies available
  • Grab it while it’s in stock
  • Only today
  • Sales closing
  • Discounts ending soon
  • Only 3 spots left
  • Offer ends in 2 days

By the way, if you are going to advertise on Facebook, then keep in mind that some words should be avoided. You didn’t know that? Fortunately, we have an article that explains everything, check it out!

Words and phrases in advertising to alleviate customer fears

Increasingly, people feel like cash cows being milked for money, fearing deception and poorly delivered services, as they believe that the seller’s main goal is to sell their product at any cost. There are several words and phrases that help ease such customer concerns.

  • Popular
  • Approved
  • Guarantee
  • Cancel anytime
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Anonymity
  • No questions asked
  • Officially
  • Confidentially
  • Return option
  • Results
  • Safety
  • Tested
  • Try before you buy
  • Protected
  • Verified

These magnets work well for payment forms on websites, registrations, and online product advertisements where you can’t examine the product in person.

Templates for persuasive phrases in advertising

These templates can be used in headlines to motivate users to open your ad/article. They are popular not only in sales but also in media, where websites compete for readers.

  • The best ways to…
  • Revealing the secret…
  • Why… is better than you think
  • Top 3 tips that will help…
  • Detailed instructions for…
  • Why it never works…
  • The whole truth about…
  • How to easily create…
  • 10 best life hacks on how to…
  • What everyone should know about…
  • 5 things everyone should know to…

However, remember that drawing someone into an article/advertisement is only half the battle. You also need to retain their interest by writing a text that is engaging and useful to them.

Engaging Phrases for Affiliate Marketing Best Examples 2024

Words that act as magnets, enhancing the effect of advertising

Under the influence of these words, the desire to buy something or subscribe increases. They can emphasize the uniqueness of the product, focus on scarcity, offer bonuses, in general, motivate people to take action. But it’s important not to overuse them, as they have a strong subjective bias and can be irritating when used frequently.

  • Only today
  • Only in our store/on our website
  • The newest
  • New arrival
  • Great discounts
  • Generous promotion
  • Limited quantity available
  • Opportunity to save
  • Almost for free

Phrases for creatives that emphasize the exclusivity of the product

We like to think that what we own is special and unique. That’s why phrases that highlight the exclusivity of the product work well in advertising.

  • For registered users only
  • No equivalents
  • First time on the market
  • Especially for group subscribers
  • Not available now, but…
  • Pre-order
  • Limited collection

Magnet words influencing the psychology of the buyer

These are words that unfailingly work and always catch the consumer’s eye. Despite their commonality, they still have a strong impact on people.

  • Percentage
  • Gifts
  • Money
  • Discounts
  • Effective
  • Best
  • Favorit
  • Economical

Magnet words for persuasive texts

To make texts more compelling, words associated with trust and reliability are used.

  • Popular
  • Safe
  • Scientifically proven
  • Recommended
  • Guarantees

But it’s important not to overuse these words to avoid making the text sound overly praising. The text should be easy to read and understandable, not “oversweetened” with such epithets or related words.

Magnet words for sales growth

Attracting the consumer’s attention is only half the battle, as you also want them to want to buy the product. There are words that help increase sales volume.

  • Secret
  • Discover
  • The most
  • You can share
  • New
  • Completely free
  • As a bonus

These words are often associated with the benefit to the buyer and emphasize the product’s uniqueness.

While language is powerful, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. A well-designed landing page, high-quality visuals, and a clear value proposition all work together with the right words to create a compelling offer.

Engaging Phrases for Affiliate Marketing Best Examples 2024

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More Tips

Magnetic words grab attention (“free,” “limited offer”), but affiliate marketing thrives on more than just catchy phrases. To win readers’ trust and conversions, combine these words with informative content that genuinely benefits them.

Think of magnetic words as click-worthy headlines. Great content is an engaging story that keeps readers hooked. This combo educates, builds trust, and sets you apart from the “limited offer” crowd.

Informative content positions you as a credible source, not just a salesperson. Customers appreciate the knowledge and make better buying decisions, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat business.

Magnetic words attract, and informative content converts. It’s the winning formula for affiliate marketing success.


Magnet words are words that attract attention and motivate people to make a purchase. They influence buyers by creating a sense of scarcity, exclusivity, or significant importance, among others. It is important to use such phrases in promotional materials, but it is essential not to overdo it to avoid causing a negative reaction due to overly salesy texts.

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