Review of Linken Sphere: an Intuitive & Customizable Anti-Detect Solution

Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

Webmasters often need to switch between multiple accounts while avoiding fingerprint tracking. This is where Linken Sphere, the next-generation anti-detection browser, comes in handy.

We’ve prepared a review of this browser to shed light on all its nuances. After the review, you’ll understand the advantages of Linken Sphere anti-detection browser, how to start using it and what users think about it.

What to know about Linken Sphere

Linken Sphere is a tool designed for webmasters, marketers, SMM specialists, programmers and many other professionals. You can create an unlimited number of social media accounts, run ads on various platforms, all without the fear of being traced. It also supports multi-threaded operation and requires no additional configuration after installation.

Linken Sphere is equipped with protection and fingerprint concealment systems, such as GPU, Audio, Canvas, WebGL, Fonts, ClientRects and Ubercookies. This makes it an excellent tool for maintaining anonymity online.

The browser not only conceals information about your computer’s configuration but also spoofs unique identifiers, creating a false user profile, making it nearly impervious to tracking systems.

Advantages of Linken Sphere

The Linken Sphere anti-detection browser and its features are built on the experience and expertise of the team, innovative technologies, user feedback and requests. They emphasize intuitiveness, technology, style, customization and extensive mass actions, including the ability to mass-import Facebook accounts from files and folders.

The advantages of the browser include:

  • High-quality design with customization options. In settings, you can choose from 9 colors, 4 interfaces and various languages;
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  • High speed operation thanks to C++. It does not impose a heavy load on the system, unlike other coding languages;
  • There are flexible desktops with the ability to grant access to team members;
  • Each session is an isolated virtual computer with a unique network connection. This allows you to work with hundreds of different virtual devices simultaneously from a single workstation;
  • The hybrid mode provides browser fingerprint substitution, allowing for separate connections, settings and storage;
  • The browser accepts payment in various cryptocurrencies – more than 100 options to choose from;
  • Support is available round-the-clock and responds to all technical questions. During nighttime, you may need to wait a little longer for a response;
  • Convenient management of smart real Chrome windows in tab form;
  • You can configure any number of session parameters, such as proxy configuration, startup pages, tabs and extensions, for use in new sessions and quick switching between them.

Linken Sphere provides access to local session data storage. So you don’t have to worry about your security, as the browser additionally uses reliable encryption systems.

How to start using Linken Sphere

To start working with the anti-detection browser, you need to visit the website and register. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Download the browser. When you go to the download page, it starts automatically. But if this doesn’t happen, you can download the application manually for Windows, Intel, M series.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. After downloading, you need to log in to the system. The program will conduct internal training on all the parameters you need to know.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. In the browser itself, you will be working with multiple tabs: account, desktops, tags, notifications, settings and more.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. In the ‘Account’ tab, you will be able to manage payments, licenses and your team.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. To use the anti-detect browser, you need to create a new session. The session’s functionality depends on the selected mode and settings.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

When you start a session, you will be redirected to a new tab, from where you can begin your work.

Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. You can also create a session provider to set up the desired configuration, proxies, bookmarks and extensions. In this section, you can also clone sessions, share them with colleagues, customize the appearance of the main information table and configure settings. You tag each session to facilitate future searches.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. In the application, you can also navigate to the proxy section. There, you can create proxy servers manually or import them in bulk from a list. You can sort the proxies by geolocation and timezone.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. Another interesting feature is mass import and mass creation. Mass import can be done in two ways: Facebook import from files or using universal import from folders. In mass creation, you can choose a provider or create a new one, specify the number of sessions and upload cookie files.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024
  1. If you have any questions, you can reach out to support. The button is located at the bottom of the application.
Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

Inside the application, there is also a virtual guide that explains how to use the service, where to click and what to fill in.

Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

You can activate it at any time. To do this, click on ‘Other’, select ‘Activate the guide’ and follow the instructions.

How much does the anti-detect browser cost

Subscription prices are available both on the website and within the program. There are 4 plan options for users.

Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

The minimum monthly prices for each plan are as follows:

  • Pure, 10 sessions – $30/month;
  • Light, 100 sessions – $100/month;
  • Pro, 300 sessions – $200/month;
  • Premium, 1000+ sessions – starting from $400/month.

You can choose plans for 3, 6 months, 1 or 2 years.

Linken Sphere Service Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

For those who want to test Linken Sphere and assess its suitability for their goals, there is a trial period. The trial period lasts for 1 session after registration with no time limitations.

They also have their own referral program, where you receive a 5% discount and 10% in referrals. Additionally, there’s a program for users. Recommend it to a friend, and after their first payment, you get the equivalent of the Pure plan for free, which is $30.

Reviews about Linken Sphere

We spoke with specialists who are already using Linken Sphere in their work. Here’s their opinion about the browser:

Sincere congratulations on the full release! After playing around with it, I can definitely say that this product will revolutionize the industry”


“You’re the best. Wish you long term success, the market is lacking people like you! Please don’t ever stop! All other antidetects suck”


“I’m impressed with the new Sphere! Once I dived into it, I couldn’t get out. Over the past few years, I got used to a couple of popular antidetects. But trying the new Sphere feels like I’ve always worked with it. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, all for the users!”


“The speed is truly amazing. I believe you’ll revolutionize the market again! Everyone is creating antidetects, but you have a truly unique shell”


“I really liked it. I’m enjoying it so far. Usually, when you see a new antidetect browser, it’s hard to figure out where to click, but here, it feels like I’ve been using it my whole life. Special kudos for the variety of themes and colors – I’m an aesthete and love such things”


“Facebook accounts transfer perfectly after registration, no locks so far. The speed of setting up work is beyond praise. I really like it”


“Everything is clear, at first glance, it’s fresh and cool. Well done, guys, respect, who else but you? You know, my first steps were thanks to Sphere”

You can share your opinion about working with Linken Sphere in the comments. Tell us about the advantages of this anti-detect browser, what you like most about its performance and which features you find most useful.


Linken Sphere is a versatile solution for those who want to tackle multiple tasks without installing multiple services. It offers a customizable interface, flexible settings, speed without bugs or freezes and convenient control of all tools.

This anti-detect browser provides reliable fingerprint spoofing and high system security. The latest version takes into account all the needs of affiliate marketing specialists, created based on competitor analysis and eliminates all the shortcomings and inconveniences that may arise when using similar services.

Thanks to this browser, you can handle all your work tasks and reach a new level. If you’re not sure if it will be useful for your work, you can use a free testing session to understand how essential this tool is for you.

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