Review of iMonetizeIt: a Multi-Vertical Network with 7,300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

iMonetizeIt is an affiliate network with over 7,300 active offers. It operates in verticals such as dating, sweepstakes, nutra, XGames, and iGaming without geo restrictions. In this review, we will talk about the advantages of collaborating with iMonetizeIt, offers, tools, and the conditions that this company provides for its partners.

What you need to know about iMonetizeIt

iMonetizeIt is a multi-vertical affiliate network that only works with licensed and direct advertisers, of which there are over 10,000.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

The affiliate network offers its affiliates two collaboration options.

The first one is CPA, suitable for webmasters who work directly with offers, test creatives themselves, and optimize funnels. Several verticals are available here, allowing you to choose what suits you best: dating, sweepstakes, nutra, XGames, and iGaming. iMonetizeIt also offers several payout models, so you can choose the one that’s most convenient for you:

  • CPL: Reward for a lead
  • CPS: Reward for a paid order
  • COD: Reward for order confirmation
  • SS: Direct payment for a prepaid order
  • CPA: Payment for action

The second collaboration option is through a smartlink. This is an affiliate link with a built-in traffic distribution system. The algorithm gathers information about the user, and when clicked on an ad, it provides the most relevant offers, landing pages, or banners. This system is available for dating, sweepstakes, and XGames.

By the way, iMonetizeIt was one of the first to start working with smartlinks, which allowed them to accumulate significant expertise, manifested in the following:

  • Signature technology for traffic analysis and decryption;
  • Selection of the most profitable options using AI;
  • Expansion of traffic source spectrum and protection from user loss where there is no targeting.

As for traffic sources, the following are allowed:

  • Applications;
  • Social networks;
  • Context advertising;
  • Native advertising;
  • Email newsletters;
  • Push notifications;
  • Banners;
  • SEO.

Registration in iMonetizeIt is private. This means that you fill out the necessary information and wait up to three days for representatives of the affiliate network to contact you for an interview. This is necessary to maintain the network’s quality at a high level.

Advantages of iMonetizeIt

The affiliate network indeed offers many advantages. The main one is the offers. There are over 7,300 of them here, and new ones regularly appear. Right now, the team is expanding the sweepstakes vertical and therefore offers the following in-house offers to promote:

  • WEB WAP Blank Page offer CC submit/ FR [Goldenhour]
  • WEB WAP Blank Page Offer Prefill available/FB pixel CC submit/ FR [GoldenHour]
  • WEB WAP Shopify Offer FB pixel CC submit/ IT [GoldenHour]

In this vertical, there are also other interesting offers:

  • WEB WAP Sephora Perfume Sampler Set EXCLUSIVE FB pixel CC [AllDaysGift] — BE CH GR
  • WEB WAP Zalando Gift Card v1FB pixel CC Submit [PowerRock] — CH
  • WEB WAP MK Crossbody Bag FB pixel CC [Superbox] — DE HU

There are many exclusive offers in other niches as well. In dating, for instance:

  • WAP Sexmate DOI — NL BE

In iGaming, they offer WEB WAP Pin-Up Casino FTD mindep Doorways LP Sweet Bonanza/TR, and in XGames, they offer WEB WAP AI Adult Games Jackpot / MultiGeo FOR APP ONLY.

The next three offers are highlighted by the affiliate network as highly-converting, bringing in real profit:

  • WEB WAP Shein Mystery box TT pixel CC [AllDaysGift] — CH
  • WEB WAP SimSex Jackpot — MultiGeo

Access to the offers is granted upon request, which usually happens within one day. The affiliate network managers are always ready to recommend something for testing based on internal statistics, which are detailed and categorized by verticals. There’s even a separate set of statistics for nutra. The affiliate’s personal account also includes tabs with detailed information on each conversion. Affiliates can add several additional parameters:

  • Geo;
  • Traffic type;
  • Connection type;
  • OS;
  • Sub-affiliates.

If deeper statistics are needed, a request to support is sufficient. Communication with support is via instant messages, and you receive a response as soon as the manager sees the notification. There are no priority categories for affiliates — everyone is equal.

In addition to support, affiliates can also count on technical assistance. For instance, they can order creatives, landing pages, and pre-landing pages. Also, they have access to:

  • API integration when working with nutra;
  • Pre-fills for sweepstakes;
  • Pixel integration with Facebook and TikTok;
  • API and S2S statistics integration;
  • Cashback system;
  • Referral program with 5%;
  • Exclusive offers for specific traffic sources;
  • Free tracker;
  • Free webview and PWA applications for dating, XGames, and iGaming;
  • Personal manager;
  • Additional traffic monetization.

Additionally, discounts on various tools necessary in affiliate marketing appear every now and then. Once a quarter, affiliates gain access to increased cashback in certain verticals, bonuses for traffic boosts, and contests. Plenty of useful information, including case studies and current news, is published in the iMonetizeIt blog.

Registration in iMonetizeIt

Before registering for the affiliate network, you first need to choose what you want to work with: CPA or Smartlink. After that, you’ll need to fill in the standard information: name, surname, email, password, date of birth, and one of the messengers, either Telegram or Skype.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

In addition, you will need to answer a few questions:

  1. What role do you want to join the network as: an affiliate or a company?
  2. Which networks and smartlinks are you currently working with?
  3. How did you hear about iMonetizeIt?

The last step is agreeing to the terms of cooperation. Once all the data is filled out, you will receive an email with a link to complete the registration.

After that, you will receive a questionnaire by email, which you need to fill out by answering questions about traffic sources, top geos, verticals, and providing screenshots of your previous campaigns and payouts.

Within three days, a manager will contact you to discuss the details of cooperation.

Overview of the personal account

In your personal account, you’ll first see the ‘Opportunities’ tab, where you can immediately familiarize yourself with the verticals, their features, and choose a vertical for promotion.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

On the ‘Dashboard’ tab, you’ll find the main information about your work: income for today, yesterday, for this month, and the previous month, as well as graphs for clicks and earnings. At the bottom of the page, there’s a block with the most interesting news.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

The ‘Smartlink’ tab is used to create and manage smartlinks. To create one, you need to come up with a name for it, select a vertical, domain, and traffic source.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

There are also advanced settings: back button redirect, push, and Direct traffic. Here you can also set up postback and create a short link. Once the smart link is created, you can edit it in the Smartlink Management menu.

The ‘CPA Marketplace’ tab contains a list of all offers as well as those available to you. For each offer, you can view a description and evaluate the proposed creatives for promotion. Since there are many offers, there is a filtering system by vertical, type, status, and other parameters.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

The ‘Statistics’ tab in iMonetizeIt is indeed detailed. There are sections for smartlink statistics, conversion statistics for smartlinks, offer statistics, and conversion statistics for offers. You can configure the display and export of data in the same section.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

In the ‘Domains’ section, you can add a subdomain and an SSL. 

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

There’s a section responsible for referral programs that is used for generating your referral link to invite new partners. 

How to withdraw money from iMonetizeIt

Withdrawals are processed through the ‘Payouts’ tab in the dashboard. Money is withdrawn by agreement every 7, 15, or 30 days in USD, EUR, BTC, ERC, or TRC. There are several withdrawal methods available:

  • Bank transfer
  • USDT
  • BTC
  • Paxum
  • Webmoney
  • Dana
  • Skrill

New methods are added upon request, with the only condition being compliance with the rules of the affiliate network.

iMonetizeIt 7300+ Offers and No Geo Restrictions 2024

The hold period is standard — two weeks, which is necessary for traffic quality verification. To initiate a withdrawal request, you must have at least:

  • $80 for withdrawal to Payoneer/Paxum/Webmoney/QIWI/Capitalist;
  • $200 for BTC;
  • $500 for USDT;
  • $1000 for withdrawal to a bank account.

If you require individual conditions, you can negotiate them.


Share your feedback about iMonetizeIt in the comments section of this material. Share your experiences, tell us what you like, and what could be improved. Also, attach screenshots of your statistics so other readers know how much you can earn in the affiliate network.

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