Review of RichAds: Ad Network with High-Quality Traffic and Five Ad Formats

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

If you’ve ever dealt with finding quality traffic, you should know it’s not the easiest task: sometimes there’s not enough volume, sometimes there are many restrictions by geo, or there are bots.

The RichAds advertising network has all the necessary tools for both advertisers and publishers aimed at achieving results in a short time. The traffic quality of the network is verified by the Adscore platform — meaning all bots and fraudsters are blocked here.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

For an advertiser, cooperation with RichAds consists of five simple steps:

  1. Creating a profile and depositing funds;
  2. Discussing the work plan with an advertising expert;
  3. Launching the campaign and observing initial results;
  4. Analyzing campaign results to understand the effectiveness of traffic sources;
  5. Scaling the approaches that have shown the best results.

In our review, we’ll talk about the advantages of this advertising network, cooperation terms for both advertisers and publishers, available ad formats, and other useful features implemented in RichAds. And the first one is the promo code AFFDAYS, which provides a 10% bonus on the initial deposit.

Advantages of RichAds

One of the main advantages of RichAds is the number of available geos for advertising, which is 220. This means the entire world is open to you. Here are the best directions by verticals:

  • Gambling: ID, TH, BD, MY, IN, PL, CA, SG, BR, KZ;
  • Antivirus: JP, BR, MX, US, CA, GB, DE, FRA, AUS, CHE;
  • Utilities: BR, MX, PH, TH, CA, US;
  • Betting: BD, MY, ZA, BR, KH, TR, SG, TH, KE, IN;
  • Nutra: TH, IN, ID, PH, BD, MY, IT, SG.

Moreover, the available geo database is constantly expanding, rare options are being opened, and new network subscribers are joining. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to test everything.

RichAds offers five advertising formats:

  • Push notifications: They appear on the device screen the user is using. They provide 100% protection against banner blindness, with CPC starting from $0.003 and the highest ROI.
  • Pop-up notifications: They are shown on pages previously visited by the user, without interrupting their internet surfing. It’s the cheapest format, and these notifications are easy to launch and help reach users effectively.
  • Native ads: One of the most effective formats, blending seamlessly into the context of the page. They are not blocked by Adblock and increase trust in your company if you place ads on reputable sites.
  • In-page: Ads displayed as banners styled like push notifications.
  • Direct click: Ads shown when users make typos while entering search queries.

RichAds has other advantages as well:

  • Over 5 billion ad impressions per day for effective scaling, with the ability to adjust display frequency.
  • All top verticals are available: gambling, betting, dating (including adult, but with restrictions — a pre-landing page is required; the pre-landing page and the creatives must not contain nudity), antivirus, cleaners, VPN, and others.
  • Premium sources with high CR values are available.
  • Expert support providing ready-made whitelists for your offer (available to Pro and King plan clients), custom creatives for offers, and turnkey advertising campaigns.
  • Statistics customization with over 30 parameters for tracking any action.
  • Conversion setup in three ways: postback, pixel, and image.
  • Target CPA helps achieve optimal bids up to 300% ROI with automatic optimization.
  • Flagship features: optimizer, predictor, multi-format, performance mode.
  • Affiliate program: You will receive a lifelong 10% commission from your referral’s first deposit.

On the RichAds platform, there are four types of accounts depending on the deposit amount: $150, $500, $3,000, and $10,000. The more you deposit, the more useful features you’ll have access to. For example, with a $500 deposit, you’ll have a personal advertising expert and access to whitelists by vertical and geos. If you deposit $3,000, you’ll have fully managed advertising campaigns, API access, free creatives, and a 5% deposit bonus, in addition to the above mentioned benefits.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

Despite the possibility of topping up your wallet with a minimum of $150, we recommend budgeting a bit more, which will allow you to test several offers, formats, and targets at once, as the volumes here are indeed substantial.

Unique Features of RichAds

RichAds offers several proprietary developments. For instance, bid adjustment allows you to set different bids for individual parameters within one campaign. Instead of blacklisting the entire traffic source, you can set a lower bid for a specific device type or any other parameter out of the 13 available. In this case, conversions will still occur, but the bid will differ, helping to reduce advertising expenses.

Target CPA automatically identifies sources that convert better, prioritizing them over sources with lower conversion rates. This reduces the cost per conversion, resulting in more conversions at the target price.

Subscribers Lists Groups consist of the highest quality push traffic sources. Only sources that consistently demonstrate excellent conversion rates for a wide variety of offers are included here.

There are three criteria for inclusion in this group:

  • High CR compared to other sources.
  • Sufficient data availability.
  • Stable results and absence of complaints.

Automated Rules are a built-in feature of RichAds that allows for automatic campaign optimization based on predefined rules. This saves time, increases campaign efficiency, reduces testing budgets, and simplifies scaling.

Performance Mode is another unique feature implemented in RichAds. It provides access to the most converting and suitable traffic sources for your campaigns. Every week, the algorithms of the advertising network update whitelists and blacklists to optimize advertising.

Advertiser Registration Process

Registration on the platform is open. To join the advertising network, you need to fill out standard personal information: email, messenger, password, and indicate your experience with advertising formats.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

Afterward, you’ll need to set up your profile by providing personal details: first name, last name, account type for personal use or company, and country. You’ll also need to accept the terms of cooperation.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

After that, you’ll be directed to your personal account, where you’ll immediately be prompted to top up your balance. You can do this through:

  • Payment cards via the Ecommpay payment system;
  • Bank transfers;
  • Capitalist;
  • Cryptocurrency using the Coinspaid payment system;
  • Payoneer.

Overview of the Advertiser’s Dashboard in RichAds

All campaigns are launched through the tab with the same name. First, you need to select the type: push, pop, in-page, direct click, native advertising.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024's dashboard

In one campaign, you can upload up to 10 creatives. Upon request, account managers will create custom creatives specifically for your offers — this is available on the Professional and King plans.

In the ‘Insights’ tab, you’ll gain access to data on various geos and ad formats. Here, you can also filter data by device type: desktop or mobile.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024's dashboard

The ‘Tracking’ tab is used for setting up trackers. There are integrations with Voluum, Binom, ThriveTracker, Keitaro, BeMob, AdsBridge, PeerClick, RedTrack, FunnelFlux, AppsFlyer, and CPVLab. The network’s managers are always available to assist you with their setup.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

In addition, a special section has been added to the blog that is being filled with instructions.

In the ‘Reports’ tab, you can create fully customizable reports specifying the necessary columns and rows.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

Interesting thing — there is a game where points are awarded for performing certain actions in RichAds. To move to a new level, you need to meet the following conditions:

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

Publisher Registration Process

Registration for publishers is simpler: you only need to provide your email and create a password. Then, you’ll also need to set up your account by providing personal information and providing some statistics about your resources.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

You’ll also be asked to describe the specifics of your website: its type and the advertising formats allowed for placement on it.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

And the final step is integrating the ad network with your website. This is done in two actions:

  1. Download a file from the RichAds website.
  2. Upload it to the code of your website.
RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

You check the connection, and everything is ready.

Overview of the Publisher’s Dashboard in RichAds

You can add websites in the same way from your dashboard under the ‘Traffic Sources’ tab. By the way, they accept all geos. There are no requirements for user uniqueness, but there are restrictions on topics. Adult content involving animals, children, drug trafficking, weapons, human trafficking, and anything illegal is prohibited. Multi-accounting is also discouraged — you cannot create multiple accounts for one person without the permission of the ad network, and you cannot use bot traffic.

In the ‘Direct Link’ tab, you can create links for both adult CPM and mainstream CPM:

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

You can export data about your performance through the ‘Reports’ tab. You need to specify the period, filters, and segment.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

The minimum withdrawal amount for publishers is $10 for online wallets and $500 for bank transfers. Withdrawals occur twice a month through support or a bot. To do this, don’t forget to add a payment method in your account and sign a contract with RichAds.

RichAds advertising network review promo code 2024

You can withdraw funds through:

  • PayPal
  • Capitalist
  • Webmoney
  • Wire

You can find more details about the conditions here.

From your account, you can contact support. The communication feature is available on every tab, which is very convenient — whenever you have a question, you can get assistance right away without opening multiple tabs or closing already opened ones.

Reviews on RichAds

Reviews of the advertising network RichAds are positive, and we would like to highlight a few of them:

‘Monetizing my news platform with RichAds was one of the best decisions. No late payments whatsoever, the platform works like a perfect organism. Love that I can be confident about getting a fair share of income + zero delays + friendly attitude. Keep it up guys!’

‘This platform is my personal safe space. I work with RichAds for about a year now, love pops traffic and the range of geos. Their biggest flex is personalization, managers give me whitelists each time on any requests, usually I have asian geos + betting platforms. Income is never lower that thousand, frankly’

‘BIGGEST thanks to the platform!!! My manager is the best, I never even launched a campaign myself, she does all the work for me, i just tell my budget and give a link 😉 for now it’s been three months and it’s like +600$ per offer a month, pretty nice in comparison with other platforms.. high five to RichAds and its managers’

Everyone notes the client-oriented approach and the stable operation of the platform, as well as the absence of issues with payments. To stay updated more easily, subscribe to RichAds pages on social media:

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