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Hello and welcome to my review of Dolphin Anty, the anti-detect browser.

While browsing the internet, I encountered a frustrating pop-up that alerted me to a website attempting to detect if I was using anti-detection features on my browser. This limitation made it difficult to bookmark or share the site without compromising my security.

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Fortunately, I discovered Dolphin Anty Antidetect Browser, a new browser designed to help users evade detection by websites that track user activity. As I researched more about this browser, I realized that it could be an excellent tool for multi-accounting, making it particularly useful for marketing in general, affiliate marketing specifically, and cryptocurrency projects, among others.

The browser’s ability to create numerous accounts without fear of a ban opens up opportunities for making money on the internet. For instance, you can earn more through Facebook ads by creating dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of accounts without the risk of being caught.

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Let us check out Dolphin{anty} Anti-detect Browser Review in a little more detail.

Dolphin Anty is an advanced anti-detect browser that helps users deal with the restrictions and blocks imposed by corporations in the online world. 

It allows users to mask their computer and internet connection data, enabling them to work from just one device and impersonate user agent from different countries.

There is everything you need for comfortable and efficient work. There are plenty of features to choose from, you won’t need to look elsewhere. The ease of use is sure to make your work fast and enjoyable. 

Technical support is located right in the browser application and is ready to help at any time. All this is available completely free of charge with a free plan for 10 profiles.

What is Dolphin Anty

The browser is a potent solution for individuals who require efficient management of numerous online accounts without facing the risk of being blocked or detected. This browser has recently gained significant attention due to its ability to create multiple virtual browsers, each with its distinct environment. One of its significant advantages is the capability to generate separate browser environments for every account, complete with personalized cookies, local storage, and cache.


The browser also supports proxy servers, which is a crucial feature for effective functioning. Unique IP addresses are required for each browser profile, and proxy servers come in handy for this purpose.

By enabling the user to connect to the internet through a different IP address, proxy servers add an extra layer of anonymity and make it even harder for web services to track the user.

The Dolphin Anty browser has a special proxy manager that allows users to save proxy data once and use it for any number of accounts in just a few clicks. Additionally, the browser interface includes a one-click feature to change the IP address in mobile or rotational proxies.

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It is created to combat browser fingerprints, which are unique identifiers used to track users across different websites.

By making the fingerprints generic, the browser adds another layer of protection, making it more difficult for web services to track users.

The Dolphin Anty browser is a paid service, but it offers some free features to users. It’s crucial to note that the browser is intended for legitimate purposes only, and not for illegal activities.

Overall, this browser is a useful tool for individuals who manage multiple online accounts without getting blocked or detected. Its ability to create separate browser environments, support for proxy servers, and resistance to browser fingerprints make it a valuable tool for anyone seeking added protection and anonymity online.

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In our previous discussion, we mentioned that the browser comes equipped with all the necessary tools. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting ones.

Statuses and Notes: The browser’s simplicity and ease of use are a top priority. With this feature, you can quickly create a note, pin a tag, or set a status for each profile, making for an intuitive work environment.

With a single click, you can locate a specific profile among a thousand and easily access the data contained within it.

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The browser also features a Proxy Manager tool, which enables easy and efficient management of proxies. This function allows users to quickly add or remove any number of proxies with just a few clicks.

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Incorporated Automation: The browser includes an automation tool that enables you to create templates for automating repetitive tasks even if you have no knowledge of programming languages.

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Bookmark Manager: If you frequently visit certain websites, you can create a customized bookmark template that includes these sites and save the bookmarks to all profiles with just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can set the bookmarks to appear in all new profiles automatically.

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Collaboration: The Dolphin Anty browser offers advanced team management features that are particularly useful for those who work in teams with colleagues and partners.

For instance, the owner of a company or team can create an account for their employees, assign different levels of access, and monitor working hours to analyze employee performance.

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Dolphin Anty Pricing and Buying Guide

Browser is an advanced software created to help users navigate the growing restrictions and blocks imposed by corporations in the online world by masking their computer and internet connection data.

All pricing plans come with a basic set of features that provide users with the necessary tools to effectively manage their browser profiles. These features include the ability to synchronize browser profiles across all computers, a full set of spoofed browser fingerprints, automatic updates to the browser when new versions of Chrome are released, bulk accounts management tools, real-time IP geolocation detection, and sophisticated teamwork tools.

The browser developers are constantly working to add new features to the software, such as integration with other Dolphin products and popular proxy providers. This will improve the user experience and make it more convenient for users to purchase and manage proxies.

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Here’s how you can sign up for Dolphin Anty:

Step 1: Visit the official website and click on the “Pricing” tab.

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Step 2: Select the plan of your choice and click on “Try Free” located below the plan.

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Step 3: Fill in the required details and hit the “Sign Up” button.

Next, you’ll be prompted with a few questions. Select the appropriate answers.

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Step 4: Click on the “PAY” button.

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Step 5: Choose a payment method and click “PAY NOW”.

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Step 6: Complete the payment, and you’re ready to download and start using Dolphin Anty.

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How to Set Up Proxies for Dolphin Anty?

Although it is possible to use browser without proxies, using proxies can significantly improve the efficiency of the browser. In this article, we will explain how to configure browser to work with proxies.

  • Step 1: Visit the website and register for a membership. After purchasing a plan, download the browser.
  • Step 2: Launch the browser and enter your authentication credentials. Once you have provided the correct information, you will be granted access to the browser’s main interface.
  • Step 3: Click on the “profile creation” button. This will open a new configuration screen where you can set up a new browser profile.

  • Step 4: Name the profile. You can choose any name you want, but make sure it is a name that you can easily remember for the intended activity.
  • Step 5: Select the operating system. Dolphin Anty allows you to use Windows, Mac, or Linux, but we recommend selecting the OS for your device. Choosing a different operating system could lead to identification issues.
  • Step 6: You can choose Facebook, TikTok, Google, Crypto, or None as profiles for other websites.
  • Step 7: Select HTTP as the protocol by clicking on the proxy tab and selecting HTTP.
  • Step 8: Enter the proxy information, including the proxy host/address, port, login, and password. You will receive all of this information from your proxy service.
  • Step 9: After creating the account, click on the “create profile” option, and the application will generate a new profile using the information you provided.
  • Step 10: The newly created profile will appear in the profile list. If you are using the application for the first time, the profile list will only include recently created profiles.
  • Step 11: To use the new profile, click the start button. This will launch a new web browser that allows you to access the service. For websites like Facebook, you may also receive bookmarks for some of their most frequently visited pages by internet marketers, depending on your setup.

Why Choose Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty is a powerful software designed to help users overcome the increasing restrictions and blocks imposed by online corporations. Its advanced features and tools make it a popular choice among digital professionals.

One of its key features is its ability to automatically select a fingerprint that matches your device, helping you avoid security systems and appear like an average user. This is particularly useful for those who need to stay undetected.

Browser also boasts a customizable and user-friendly interface, with the option to switch between light or dark themes according to preference.

Another important feature is its compatibility with various proxy types, including HTTP, Socks5, Socks4, and SSH. This allows for easy proxy integration and helps prevent bans due to incorrect proxy usage.

The browser also has a bulk loading and unloading function for accounts, as well as a “Cookie robot” feature that assists with new accounts and anti-fraud system checks.

Teamwork is also made easy with Dolphin Anty, with customizable access rights for each user.

Moreover, browser stands out from other anti-detect browsers due to its extensive set of digital fingerprints, allowing it to change over 20 parameters of your PC. Additionally, it has a built-in automation tool that helps automate routine tasks and increase work efficiency without the need for programming knowledge.

The browser is based on Chromium and is regularly updated to meet the needs of digital professionals, ensuring a high level of emulation.

With over 100,000 users worldwide, Dolphin Anty is quickly becoming a popular choice for digital professionals.

✅ By registering with promo code AFFDAYS, users can receive 10 free profiles and a 20% discount on their first payment for a bigger plan.


Dolphin Anty is a valuable tool for managing multiple profiles while avoiding detection or blocking. It provides users with enhanced protection and anonymity through its support for proxy servers and resistance to browser fingerprints. Its simple and customizable interface makes digital tasks easy to perform, but users should be aware that proxies are required, which may add to the cost of the software. Additionally, the setup process for the browser and proxies can be complex and time-consuming. While browser has generated buzz, there is a need for more independent reviews and feedback on the software to assess its effectiveness and reliability.

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