Telegram Ads Gets New Targeting Capabilities

Telegram Ads Gets New Targeting Capabilities 2024

In recent update to Telegram Ads and it has expanded targeting capabilities.

The following targeting options were added:

  • Target specific channel audiences. Previously, we could display ads within a specific channel, but now we target the audience of a channel and display ads to them wherever they are, not limited to showing ads directly within the channel, but reaching subscribers of those channels regardless of what channel they’re browsing;
Telegram Ads Gets New Targeting Capabilities 2024
  • Precise targeting of users
Telegram Ads Gets New Targeting Capabilities 2024
  • Customize ads for different devices, including iOS, Android and desktop;
Telegram Ads Gets New Targeting Capabilities 2024
  • Target ads to specific countries, cities and languages.
Telegram Ads Gets New Targeting Capabilities 2024

How the new Telegram Ads targeting options benefit advertisers

With its targeted advertising options, Telegram allows:

  • Targeting by demographics: advertisers can categorize and target their audience according to information like location (countries, cities) and languages. It allows advertisers to allocate their resources more efficiently. As a result budgets are spent on campaigns that are likely to resonate with the target audience.
  • Reaching users with specific interests: since it is possible to reach out to users interested in multiple topics, it enhances advertisers’ ability to target a more relevant audience interested in their product.
  • Customizing ads: advertisers can make sure that their ads are displayed on different plaforms such as desktop, iOS, Android.

However, it is worth taking into account the fact that there may be limitations on these targeting options: minimum audience size or data availability.

We should also mention the fact that even though targeting options are important for both advertisers and users, the potential impact on user experience depends on them. You should avoid cluttering the Telegram interface with irrelevant ads so as to attract more users.


Telegram Ads are giving us different advertising possibilities, so as a result users can define specific channels where they want to show their ads to ensure the context is relevant. Ads do not rely on users’ personal information and are based on the channels where they are shown.

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