What’s the Purpose of Antidetect Browsers?

Whats the Purpose of Antidetect Browsers 2024

Let’s delve into why and for what purpose an antidetect browser is needed. In short, an antidetect browser allows you to spoof the computer user’s data, including the operating system, screen count, dimensions and other parameters. This enables us to use multiple accounts, for example, on websites like Amazon or Ebay.

Websites request all this data to identify their visitors and track their activities.

Antidetect browsers help change your data to prevent the website from identifying the user. We’ll explain where this can be useful and why such features are needed in the first place.

By the way, here’s our top-list of antidetect browsers! We’re sure you’ll find useful ones.

Antidetect browsers mean online anonymity

Inexperienced users often change their IP through proxies for anonymity, thinking it’s the only information a third-party website can request about them.

Whats the Purpose of Antidetect Browsers 2024
It looks nice, but it doesn’t provide real anonymity to the user

In fact, even when changing the IP address, a lot of information about the user can be collected. This includes details about their hardware, operating system, fonts, monitor size and whether they are the only user, as well as browser extensions installed. All of this data collection is referred to as a digital fingerprint or just fingerprint. Various websites, including social networks and marketplaces, request this data from users on a daily basis.

An anti-detection browser helps to spoof all the information that the visited website can gather. From hardware to operating system parameters, almost everything can be spoofed. In anti-detection browsers, you can create both random configurations and make a highly plausible fingerprint yourself. When used in conjunction with good proxies this provides a high level of anonymity.

Anti-detection browsers for affiliate marketing

To search for, launch and scale campaigns, you need dozens of advertising accounts. However, in major advertising networks like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, using multiple accounts officially is not allowed. For instance, if Facebook detects that the same person is accessing multiple accounts from one device and IP address, it will block them.

Webmasters often lose some of their accounts due to advertising that violates the platform’s rules, so they always need new ones.

Additionally, some advertising networks have limitations on the amount spent and multi-accounting is necessary here as well.

With anti-detection browsers, convincing “snapshots” can be created by changing all essential parameters. This way, advertising platforms’ checks won’t detect anything suspicious and you can confidently use multiple accounts to run ads.

Moreover with anti-detection browsers different people can access one account. This is convenient for teams working with shared accounts.

E-Commerce: secure self-purchase and review manipulation on marketplaces

An antidetect browser is a useful tool for sellers on marketplaces to maintain anonymity while engaging in self-purchase and review manipulation.

Self-purchases are prohibited by marketplace rules and sellers can face fines or even expulsion from the marketplace for such actions. With an antidetect browser, one can easily create new accounts and place orders from them to various pickup points. Then, the goods can be collected from the pickup points, leaving positive ratings, attaching product photos and writing positive reviews. Afterward, the product is repackaged and returned to the warehouse for resale.

Bounty & Airdrop: multi-accounting in crypto

“Newbie” crypto projects often distribute their own currency to users at the start. Some offer small amounts just for registration, known as “airdrops”. These require minimal effort from users. Others impose more complex conditions, such as posting on Twitter to attract new users. This is referred to as “bounty”: which involves more requirements and higher payouts.

Whats the Purpose of Antidetect Browsers 2024

Using multi-accounting through an antidetect browser allows you to receive significantly more bonuses. The more accounts you have and opportunities to complete bounty conditions, the higher your potential income. With 20-40 accounts set up in the antidetect browser, consistent registration in multiple projects and completing bounties becomes profitable. 50-100 tokens from each account for simple registration can turn into 1000-4000 tokens. Therefore, even a couple of underperforming projects can provide an airdropper with a good initial income or the opportunity to build a substantial trading portfolio.

Anti-detect browser for web scraping

Web scraping involves collecting data from target web pages, usually achieved using a script or software that sends GET requests to the website. However, multiple requests can be perceived as a DDoS attack or an attempt to gather data, which large web resources typically dislike. This can result in getting banned by IP and even hardware. Single manual data collection attempts are not exempt from this risk either.

An anti-detect browser helps bypass website’s data collection protection and serves as a convenient tool for quick web scraping without the need to install and configure complex programs.

Bonus hunting: maximizing bonuses and promotions

Many companies run promotions like “do something and get a bonus”. Some require minimal effort but reward a substantial number of bonus points. However, bonuses from promotions are usually limited to one per person. With an antidetect browser, you can pretend to be different individuals and claim bonuses multiple times while they are being distributed.

Whats the Purpose of Antidetect Browsers 2024
Whats the Purpose of Antidetect Browsers 2024

Bookmakers offer the largest bonuses, giving substantial amounts to new user’s accounts. These bonuses cannot be withdrawn immediately, they need to be “rolled over”. However, if you have multiple accounts, this becomes a matter of time. Meanwhile, bookmaking companies actively combat mass registrations for bonus collection. Anti-detection browsers enable users to bypass these restrictions and engage in bonus hunting.

Multi-accounting in Digital agencies

Even in the “white” sector many accounts may be needed. Many agencies do not run advertising from their own accounts and strive to create separate accounts for each client. Social networks and advertising networks are against any form of multi-accounting and may ban these working accounts.

Anti-detection browsers effectively protect both agencies and solo webmasters. When used correctly, with well-tuned fingerprints and without making mistakes in their usage, the accounts will easily last for decades.


Anti-detection browsers allow bypassing website security measures and this can be applied in various fields, solving a wide range of tasks, from multi-accounting in affiliate marketing to bonus hunting and white sectors.

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