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Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Not all webmasters are dedicated to a specific vertical. Some prefer to focus on finance for one month, gambling for another, and crypto for a third. That’s why finding a good CPA network is crucial, but it can also be challenging.

Today, we’ll tell you about the Yellana affiliate network, which is supported by the folks at Rich Ads. They are the people who know a lot about the affiliate market.

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

What to Know about Yellana

Yellana is a CPA network that has been operating in the market since 2023. At the moment, the affiliate network offers over 700 offers in various verticals, including gambling and betting. Yellana offers truly competitive rates — for example, in gambling it can be up to $650 per deposit.

The Yellana affiliate network was founded by Rich Ads. These are the same experts who have been sharing insights with the market about push traffic for several years now. The offers presented in Yellana are constantly updated and refreshed. This allows affiliates to choose only those offers that will bring good profit.

They accept traffic from all sources, including mixed traffic. Fraud and incentivized traffic are not accepted, obviously.

Yellana is ready to work with experienced teams as well as newcomers who are eager to earn and attract quality traffic to the products presented in the affiliate network.


As we have already noted, Yellana has extensive experience in affiliate marketing and they are ready to share their expertise with partners. In addition to this, the team has other major advantages:

  • They accept traffic from any source except fraud and incentivized traffic.
  • They work with all geos, but prioritize Latin America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Hold is only on the first payment, subsequent payments are without hold.
  • They provide ready-made creatives, landing pages, and pre-landing pages.
  • All offers are constantly updated and refreshed, with new ones being added.
  • Managers are ready to assist partners at any time.
  • There are no delays in payments, and early payments can also be requested.
  • They offer a convenient personal account with a simple and understandable interface.
  • They provide the opportunity to work for both newcomers and experienced webmasters.

The affiliate network has a chat where you can ask questions, and affiliates or Yellana representatives will provide answers. You can also subscribe to the Telegram channel to stay updated on important changes.

How to Sign Up for Yellana

To sign up, visit the official website of the affiliate network and click on the ‘I’m an Affiliate’ button:

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

You’ll be automatically scrolled down the page. Press the ‘Sign up’ button:

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Fill in the sign up form:

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Registration occurs in two stages: first, you provide your contact information, and then your personal details.

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Signing up is open, no additional approvals needed. 

Personal Account Review

After you signed up, you’ll see the main page. You can see the offers list there:

  • Top Offers;
  • All Offers;
  • My Offers.
Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

On the top right, you’ll find the contact details of your personal manager, your balance, and notifications. On the left, there’s a navigation menu through the affiliate network.

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

The ‘Offers’ section serves as the main page and displays the list of offers. By the way, to gain access to them, you need to contact your personal manager or request access through the Yellana affiliate network interface.

In the offer listing, you will find information about:

  • Offer name
  • Vertical
  • Country
  • Device
  • OS
  • Rate
  • Payment model

If you click on the offer itself, detailed information will be displayed including shedding conditions and traffic requirements.

In the ‘Request History’ section, you can view the history of requests to the offers. There are listings for approved and rejected requests, as well as those pending approval. You can customize the displayed period.

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In the ‘Statistics’ section, there are two subsections. ‘Custom Statistics’ provides overall traffic statistics. Here, you can customize filters based on specific parameters, as well as adjust the time zone.

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In ‘Conversion Statistics,’ you’ll find similar statistics, but focused on conversions.

In the ‘Finances’ section, you can view your total balance, hold balance, available balance, as well as your earnings and payouts history.

Yellana Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In ‘Global Postback,’ you can configure a global postback, while in ‘Payment Methods,’ you can set up payment methods for withdrawing funds from the affiliate network.

The ‘Settings’ section is used to change your password. In ‘User Profile,’ you can modify your name, account type, email, and geo.

Withdrawal Methods

You can withdraw funds using one of three methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payeer
  • Capitalist

Additionally, you can arrange for the connection of another payment method upon request. Payments are made weekly, after the initial 14-day hold. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

Reviews on Yellana Affiliate Network

Leave your feedback about Yellana on this page. Tell us what you like about working with this affiliate network, what could be improved, and what you don’t like at all. 

You can also show statistics on your earnings and tell us how you started cooperating with Yellana.


Yellana is an affiliate network that values its webmasters and is ready to share its expertise with them. If you want to work with people who understand affiliate marketing and know how to deal with traffic, then sign up with Yellana. Many webmasters have appreciated this affiliate network and have chosen to work exclusively with it.

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