How to Choose a Domain for Facebook Ads Campaigns

How to Choose a Domain for Facebook Ads Campaigns 2024

We’ll say right away: for black-hat approaches, choosing a right domain is not really important, as Facebook accounts will be banned before the domain gets banned. But, for example, for relatively white-hat nutra offers, it makes sense to put in the effort.

We will look for domains with history. They are priced like regular domains, but they have higher trust, especially if they have already appeared on social networks. Plus, you can get a trustworthy white-hat website if you find a domain with a saved web archive.

Selecting domains, step-by-step:

  1. Go to Expired Domains, enter keywords related to the offer’s category;
  2. In ‘Common’, select – Deleted Domains and Listing Settings: only new last 90 days;
  3. In ‘Additional’, in the additional settings, choose Original gTLDs and the first three items: com, org, biz;
  4. Filter by TF. Review the list of given offers;
  5. Check it through Ahrefs for unacceptable links and violations;
  6. Look at for the presence of a current copy, until you find one (not necessarily).

Next, go to Namecheap and purchase the domain. In Archivarix, download the archive and upload it to the hosting.

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