Are There Secrets in iGaming SEO Traffic? We Doubt That

Are There Secrets in iGaming SEO Traffic We Doubt That 2024

Some people still think that there are some special SEO secrets, discovering which would make them rich. You can read lots of blogs, channels, and forums; you can try analyze other’s websites to figure out its target countries and traffic volume to later calculate the necessary query; you can even find what links were placed for this website, and so on. But the thing is that all this knowledge is useless — it does not matter unless you come to it yourself.

For example, let’s say that you’ve been told that there’s a website for Poland and it ranks top-1 for the query “book of ra,” making $10,000 a month (a fictional example). What specific benefit could this information give you?

Don’t be too naive to assume that with this information and without my efforts and experience, investments, a fine dropped domain, and a bit of luck, someone could quickly move top-1 in this geo and for this query.

To rank top-1, you need a trusted domain, possibly EMD or even EMD in the right geo, a bunch of links or your own PBN network that isn’t visible. Also mind website’s age, which will be new — meanwhile this fictional website we talked about above is getting older every day; also mind the expertise of the content, its quantity, update frequency, and other factors. In one of the books, this is called a “non-competitive advantage.”

By the way, speaking of PBNs: don’t waste your precious time searching for others’ PBNs. Assume your competitor has a PBN, and you need to make one just like it, but slightly better. Focus only on your work.

Overall, we believe that there are no real secrets in iGaming SEO traffic. It all depends on how well you do your SEO work: finding expired domains, boosting sites on them, writing content, placing links, and so on.

Yes, someone somewhere guessed with keywords and geo and made it to the SERP’s top a little easier than usual. But you’ll never know how much this person spent on tests. Like in that joke: Tapping the engine with hammer — $1; Knowing where to hit the hammer — $999.

If someone asked me for advice on how to find their competitor’s geo, keywords, frequency, income, clicks, and leads, I would advise spending that time creating a site for a low-frequency query in any geo. It will bring much more usefulness, experience, and new ideas to you personally and help you find something of your own.

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