How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook: 5 Ways

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

In this new material, we will delve into the topic of moderating adult creatives on Facebook. We will share insights on how to navigate algorithms and obtain approval for NSFW content creatives.

Features of running adult content on Facebook

Advertising with adult elements is prohibited on Facebook. However, this doesn’t stop webmasters from running campaigns in niches such as dating, potency, enlargement, and other niches targeting adult audiences.

The effectiveness of running adult content on Facebook depends on your ability to work with moderation. Newcomers should know that there are two levels of moderation on Facebook: automatic (AI) and manual. Often, creatives are approved only by AI, but if there are suspicions of violations, a live moderator gets involved.

The webmaster’s task is to adapt the creative in a way that leaves no doubts for the automatic algorithms, ensuring it passes moderation. In such a case, there’s an opportunity to allocate a budget to the ad.

Newcomers may think that submitting adult creatives to auctions is impossible, but that’s a myth. To dispel it, you can simply check the Facebook Ad Library, where you can find dozens of explicit examples in just a few minutes.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

The creative has passed moderation and is running in the auction targeting the USA. It’s evident that this ad will generate clicks and quality leads for the website. While there are many such ads in the library, not all of them can be found using precise keywords.

Remember that the effectiveness of your campaign depends on a comprehensive approach. Even if you manage to create a great creative, if your advertising profile lacks trust, microspends, and freezes can disrupt your plans. Therefore, we recommend giving priority attention to high-quality accounts. Kindly note that Facebook prohibits explicit content and violating their terms can lead to account bans. If you violate advertising policies, Facebook can permanently disable ad accounts and if you do not have a Facebook ad account, you will find it more difficult to target the specific demographics.

5 ways to approve adult creatives

In Facebook, there are occasional bugs that allow for some creative solutions. For instance, two years ago, webmasters found a way to swap out creatives after approval. Examples of such scale are rare, but they do exist.

Relying on another bug or a chance for adult creatives to slip through is not advisable. It’s better to take matters into your own hands and secure that coveted approval through alternative methods. Most hacks are right on the surface, but there’s nothing stopping you from devising your own strategies.

Creatives with explicit adult content, like the example from the previous section, occasionally make it through the approval process, but their lifespan is severely limited. However, if you slightly lighten the content, it will last longer and potentially spend several hundred dollars.

Pixelation. This effect is used for photo processing. Artificial mosaic is applied to objects, allowing the masking of adult content. The technique still works, but the creative may not get approval on the first attempt.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

You can apply pixelation to the original photo using any service. For example, Pixelied handles this task easily. After uploading the image, you just need to choose the level of pixelation. Try to maintain a balance so that the informativeness of the photo is not lost.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

Blur. The blurring effect works on a similar principle to mosaic. Here, it’s also important to monitor the level of blurring to ensure that the creative content remains understandable to the audience. BeFunky can help you accomplish this task in a matter of seconds.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

Object masking. This approach involves removing exposed body parts and overlaying neutral objects. For users, the meaning remains unchanged, but robots have nothing to nitpick about.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

To mask genitals, you can use any editor: Figma, Canva, online Photoshop. Often, “sensitive areas” are covered with emojis, black bars, or simply cropped.

Associations. The associative life hack works by replacing genitals with vegetables or measuring instruments. In the example below, a roulette and a zucchini unmistakably suggest the positive properties of the medication.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

Applying effects. In TikTok, videos with overlaid masks are often encountered. For example, you can transform a regular photo into an anime illustration. Similarly, a frame from adult content can be turned into a light image. BeFunky’s library offers dozens of different effects that you can test in Facebook.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024's applying effects

Increasing the likelihood of successful moderation for creative content is aided by neural networks. They can recognize adult content and assess how suitable an image is for posting on Facebook.

The ad rejection can occur for various reasons. In our article, you will learn why your ads can be rejected and how to fight it. Read more: Fixing (and Preventing) Facebook Ads Rejections

Affiliates find the following tools in demand:

  1. Clarifai. A popular service for recognizing the safety level of objects in photos. Figures like those in the example below indicate a low probability of successful approval.
How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

2. Google Vision. Google’s neural network is another important indicator that provides the opportunity to assess the chances of successful moderation. The service easily recognized explicit adult content and drew corresponding conclusions.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

3. NSFW JS. Not many people in the community are aware of this tool, but it’s perfect for checking creatives for adult content.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

If you provide neural networks with processed photos, you can confuse them. Facebook algorithms work similarly, so there’s a chance to bypass them by altering the original photo.

How to Get Your Adult Creatives Approved on Facebook 5 Ways 2024

Successfully passing moderation is possible even for creatives with explicit content, but it’s situational. Use our tips to increase your chances of a successful upload and higher ROI.

Alternative strategies of creating effective Facebook Ads for mature audiences

  • Target audience: define your target audience and identify the demographic characteristics, interests and behaviors. Research what motivates your audience and what problems they are looking to solve. Use Facebook Targeting to take advantage of Facebook’s advanced targeting options to reach your target audience accurately.
  • Create engaging and relevant content: use images and videos and choose visual content that is attractive to your mature audience and that effectively conveys your brand’s message. Focus on the value you offer to highlight how your product or service can improve the life of your mature audience. Use clear and concise language and avoid overly technical or informal language, and make sure that your message is easy to understand.
  • Choose the right ad placements: place your ads in the places where your audience spends time. This can include Facebook, Instagram, websites and apps relevant to your target audience.

Be respectful of privacy and comply with data privacy laws and regulations when collecting and using user information. Avoid misleading or fake content to make sure your ads are honest and transparent.

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