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iGaming vertical is deeply associated with a possibility of making millions easily, driving traffic from any source. But no one would tell you that it’s not enough to know all the tricks of working with traffic and have a couple of thousand bucks in your pocket to succeed.

The tricky thing is that you need to choose a cool advertiser that you’re not ashamed to drive your traffic to and who knows how to work with it.

Today, we have a review of Valor.Partners — a direct advertiser of the Valor brand.

What You Need to Know About Valor.Parnters

Valor.Partners is a direct advertiser in the iGaming vertical, offering you to drive traffic to the Valor online casino. They accept traffic from a range of geos: Brazil, India, Kenya, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, Argentina, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Poland, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Senegal.

Currently, the top 2 geos are Brazil and India.

The average size of the first deposit in Brazil is $15, with the average re-deposit in the first two weeks being $20. Top slots include:

  • Aviator;
  • Fortune Three Xmas Mobile;
  • Plinko X;
  • Fortune Five Double Mobile;
  • Big Wild Buffalo.

Average Click2FD — 1k20-25.

Average first deposit size in India — $5.2. Average re-deposit in the first 2 weeks — $200. Average payback period — 4.5 months.

Top slots:

  • Aviator;
  • Diver;
  • Plinko X.

Average Click2FD — 1k15-20.

Pay attention to these geos if you want to profitably drive traffic to Valor.Partners.

You can promote offers from any sources except for scheme traffic. Also, you need to get approval of the traffic source from your personal before starting the campaign.

Valor.Partners pay on CPA, RevShare, and agency models. The rate depends on the geo you drive traffic from. Reg2dep — 1k10, which is 20-30% higher than competitors.

Advantages of Working with Valor.Partners

Valor.Partners definitely know how to deal with gambling traffic. They discuss it a lot on their platforms and prove it with conversion stats.

Advantages of the partnership with this affiliate program:

  • Extensive stats on 30+ parameters, including cohort analysis;
  • Postbacks with the ability to send all gaming events, as well as postback logs;
  • Player analytics for those you referred;
  • Current payment terms for each geo, as well as a cascade payment system ensuring uninterrupted deposit acceptance;
  • Own retention department with native support, operating 24/7;
  • AI-integrated support to increase support bandwidth;
  • Quick integration of any technical solutions;
  • Three payment models for partners;
  • Good expertise in the iGaming niche;
  • Landing page rotator for Valor.Partners’ affiliates;
  • Referral program at 5% of referred partners’ income with lifelong payout;
  • Up to 5 subIDs in statistics, grouping options by parameters;
  • Payments twice a month from $300 or after reaching the lead cap;
  • Availability of requesting payouts.

Valor.Partners is an example of a partnership launched by people who know their business. These guys are not afraid to share stats and their expertise. They understand what they do and how, and they help their affiliates at every stage.

How to Start Working with Valor.Partners

Only experienced webmasters at the mid-level and above can work with Valor.Partners. Your level will be determined by a manager after a brief interview when you create an account.

To register, visit the official Valor.Partners website and click the ‘Registration’ button:

ValorPartners 2024

Fill out the short form: email, password, and Telegram. Afterwards, a manager will contact you and ask clarifying questions.

ValorPartners 2024

Once your account is approved, you can log in to your personal account to start working.

Review of the Valor.Partners Personal Account

To log in, use your email and the password you provided. Valor.Partners operate on their own engine, which gives them certain advantages. For example, they can customize some solutions and requests for webmasters efficiently and without any fuss.

On the left side, there is a navigation menu for the partner network. There are three subsections: ‘User,’ ‘Webmaster,’ ‘Statistics.’

In the ‘User’ section, you can update your information and configure postbacks:

ValorPartners 2024

In the ‘Webmaster’ section, there are three subsections:

  • Landings;
  • Platforms;
  • Streams.

In ‘Landings’, you will find all the ready-made landing pages available in Valor.Partners. At the time of writing this review, there are 55 of them, adapted for the required geos.

In the ‘Platforms’ section, you add traffic sources where you’ll be promoting. Please note that the source needs to be approved by your personal manager; otherwise, the traffic will not be counted.

In ‘Streams,’ you create streams and copy the link to launch your ads. It’s all simple and clear here.

ValorPartners 2024

‘Statistics’ is a page where you can view postback logs and statistics for your campaigns. There are convenient filters, search by parameters, and the ability to export stats to a table.

ValorPartners 2024

How to Withdraw Funds from Valor.Partners

To request a payout from Valor.Partners, you need to either drive traffic until a lead cap or accumulate $300 in your balance. Money is withdrawn twice a month in USDT upon request. There is an option to add a preferred payment method if you are driving quality traffic in large volumes.

Reviews of the Valor.Partners

You can leave your review about Valor.Partners on this page. Tell AffDays readers what you like about working with this affiliate program. You can also leave your comments on improving conditions for Valor.Partners representatives.


Valor.Partners is an example of people who know exactly how to work with traffic and make it profitable. They actively assist their affiliates because they understand that the income of webmasters is their profit. Register on the official Valor.Partners website and drive traffic where it is really awaited.

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