Review of VOdds: Direct Advertiser in the iGaming Vertical All Over the World

VOdds Global Direct Advertiser in the iGaming Vertical 2024

A direct advertiser is always a solid advantage. Affiliates receive higher rates and can directly contact the product representative to request improvements or changes. Direct advertisers are more flexible than affiliate networks; they make decisions about their product themselves.

For example, many advertisers have talked about how they completely remade their bonus program for a specific team of webmasters to improve the quality of traffic.

In this review, we want to tell you about the direct advertiser of the VOdds brand. These guys offer affiliates to drive traffic from all over the world, with almost no source restrictions, and they are responsive to their partners.

What you need to know about VOdds

VOdds is a brand that offers sports betting and online casino options to players, and to affiliates — a product for driving traffic with a good reg2dep and its own retention department.

VOdds accepts traffic from around the world, except for the United States, Singapore, the Philippines, and Vietnam. You can also drive traffic from sources such as:

  • SEO;
  • PPC;
  • Streamers;
  • Email;
  • Social media;
  • Display.

They offer working on CPA, RevShare, or Hybrid models. The product itself is licensed in Curacao, offers bonuses for both new and loyal players, has a wide range of games, and extensive odds coverage.

How to start working with VOdds affiliate network

Sign-in at the official VOdds websiteGet an affiliate link and drive traffic to itWatch the deposits statisticsGet money

At VOdds, there is no separate partner dashboard; all interaction occurs through a personal manager who will be assigned to you after registration.

To get started with the VOdds sportsbook and casino affiliate program, you need to visit the official VOdds website, scroll down the page, and select ‘Affiliate Program’:

VOdds Global Direct Advertiser in the iGaming Vertical 2024

You will be directed to a page where, in the upper right corner, there will be a registration form. You need to fill in the following information:

  • Your name;
  • Email address;
  • Messenger.

VOdds Global Direct Advertiser in the iGaming Vertical 2024

Within 1-2 days, a personal manager will contact you, provide access to your referral link, and you will be able to start working. You can also clarify all statistics and any questions with your personal manager.

VOdds managers are quite responsive. If for some reason you haven’t been contacted, you can also reach out on your own using the contact information provided on the website.

What rates does the VOdds offer

VOdds offers affiliates to work under one of three models:

  • CPA – up to $200 per deposit;
  • RevShare – up to 40% of the advertiser’s profit;
  • Hybrid – CPA + RevShare.

For affiliates who generate high-quality traffic in large volumes, it is possible to increase the RevShare rate to 60%. Access to offers is approved within 3-7 days.

How to withdraw money from VOdds affiliate program

The affiliate program offers withdrawals in USDT TRC-20. Withdrawals are processed once a month, with a traffic verification hold period of 1-2 weeks. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. If you prefer to receive payments in a different way other than USDT, you can request to add your preferred payment method.

Advantages of the VOdds affiliate network

Working with VOdds means working with a direct advertiser in the gambling and betting verticals, which comes with all the benefits of dealing with direct advertisers:

  • High payouts for the product, with the potential to earn up to $200 per CPA and up to 60% on RevShare.
  • Option to work on the Hybrid model.
  • Professional support available around the clock to answer your questions.
  • Detailed statistics on the players you refer.
  • Postbacks and assistance with tracker setup.
  • Assistance with making creatives. All creatives are completely free for partners.
  • Help with payments and accounts for Facebook, TikTok, and Google.
  • High reg2dep and inst2dep.
  • Own retention department to boost your earnings through RevShare.
  • The ability to make customizations to improve the quality and quantity of traffic.
  • A referral program where you can earn from referring offers.

Working with VOdds allows you to promote a high-quality, licensed product and earn from it. Register with VOdds now to seize the opportunity and collaborate with this new brand.


VOdds is a direct advertiser that truly understands what makes a good product and how to achieve high conversions. They are quite flexible when it comes to working with affiliates, willing to accommodate in many aspects, and provide assistance with resources.

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