Unconventional Ways to Find Pre-landers and Landing Pages

Unconventional Ways to Find Pre Landers and Landing Pages 2024

Here’s a couple of life hacks that will help you get a very good pre-lander or landing page for nutra offers.

  • Life-hack 1. Look for a website of a top clinic in Europe that took thousands of dollars to develop. Download it, tweak it, and launch your offer on it. Such websites are allowed not only for Google Ads but also for TV.

Where to find such websites? Ask ChatGPT.

  • Life-hack 2. There are two websites where you will find the best unique photos for your landing pages and pre-landers. The first one is Pinterest! Here’s an example for a weight loss product. Pinterest has many before and after photos. The best option when working with weight loss products.

The second website is this one. Choose images, enter a celebrity’s name, and you get photos that are not available anywhere else.

  • Life-hack 3. This is related to the first life-hack. The point is that white nutra (nowadays called “supplements”) brands invest well in marketing, even though their products are similar. Look for pre-landers from brands like AG1, Hims, Skinnyfit. Then, Amazon’s recommendations will be of help too.
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