Attribution Settings in Nutra Offers

Attribution Settings In Nutra Offers Valuable Insights 2024

It’s a somewhat controversial topic among webmasters, but let’s try to explain our logic.

First, a bit of background. What options do we have:

  • 1 day — the time within which a user made a purchase is less than or equal to 1;
  • 7 days — less than or equal to 7;
  • 28 days — similarly, less than or equal to 28.

What to choose? Logically, we should opt for 1 day because our entire nutra funnel is built on getting the user to buy immediately (countdowns, promotions, etc.).

We have tested all these options hundreds of times and noticed only one thing — choosing a 1-day attribution gives us a more expensive audience cost and a narrower target than 7 days or 28 days. That’s it! Is it worth paying extra?

The “7 days” setting, and even 28 days! yields a similar result but at a cheaper cost. That’s why we stick with the standard “7 days” attribution settings in our work.

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Jim Bredshaw
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