Facebook Account Verification Checklist

Facebook Account Verification Checklist Buy the Right One 2024

There are many Facebook account shops in the market, so we decided to compile this checklist so that everyone can check their account before using it for Facebook Ads:

  • A warmed up account must have 2FA;
  • Check the functionality of the email specified in the account;
  • Request a file with actions made in the account (if it is not already included) to understand whether the account really has history or not;
  • Look at the action log for signs of warming up;
  • Check the number of sessions and the age of the account, it is important to see regular activities;
  • Compare the cookies and browser fingerprint in ‘Active sessions’ with those that come with the account;
  • Check the IPs. If they are different, it means the account might have been transferred to someone else;
  • Check in the ‘Page Management History’ whether the Fan Page was transferred to someone or not;
  • Check messages from the Support for bans.

And let’s remind that a good indication of an account being well-warmed is by its likes, subscriptions, activities in games, and filled interests.

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