How to Come Up with a Cool Headline?

Creating Captivating Headlines for Facebook Ads 2024

We’re sure that you often find yourself spending around half an hour, tripping over the headline for your creative. Nothing comes to mind, and that’s it. Here are some small hacks that simplify the process and yield something sensible:

  • How %product_name% helps to %achieve_the_most_favorable_outcome%.

Example: How night-time face bandages help to get rid of skin problems.

  • %number% known problems in %chosen_field% – which one do you want to get rid of?

Example: Five known skin problems – which bothers you?

  • Every %representative_chosen_target_audience% will understand why %product_name% provides great results.

Example: Every woman will understand why our new cream makes skin soft, clean, and beautiful.

  • Not only %first_benefit_name%, but also %second_benefit_related_to_the_first%.

Example: Not only freshens breath, but also cleans teeth.

  • %Statement from a respected person or department in the field%, which provides %advantage_name%.

Example: Research from Public Health Service-certified laboratory revealed how to triple your energy!

  • A figure, preferably uneven, from statistics that highlight the pain of the target audience or appeal to audience identification.

Example: 76% of women suffer from this very problem!

  • Finally! %something happened that can solve the target audience’s problem%.

Example: Finally! China reveals its 1300-year-old secret to staying young.

  • Don’t let %cause_of_the_problem% + %consequence_of_the_problem%.

Example: Don’t let foot fungus ruin your life.

Now, as we’ve finished with the basics, here are some ready-made ideas.

81 more options that can be adapted to the Nutra vertical

Adult (virility and enlargement)

  • New victory every night.
  • Improved my personal life.
  • Every night screams throughout the entire apartment.
  • Stop running out of steam quickly.
  • Endurance will come in handy now.
  • When the sword sagged.
  • Neighbors don’t understand how I’m so strong.
  • Works without side effects.
  • Gives strength and volume.
  • Now you have a big advantage.
  • Being big is cool.
  • Small is no longer in fashion.
  • The natural component allows you to grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Frequent misfires, enough!
  • At the 5th time she said that was enough!
  • What a pity that I didn’t know about this earlier.
  • Peak of pleasure.
  • Urgent man’s help.
  • Stress at work affects your strength like no other.
  • Only for real men.
  • For men.
  • Rapid weakness is not a death sentence.
  • With this you can do two ladies at once.
  • At any age without deviations.
  • Mountain high boner.
  • Begins to act 10 minutes after application.
  • Anywhere, anytime.
  • Conquer any girl with your size.
  • She sees a photo of my friend and comes to me.
  • It all ended with a fountain.
  • My friend is up for 4 hours, this is real friendship.
  • In my 20s, my friend was more active…
  • Return activity.
  • 3 natural ingredients will explode your endurance.
  • Instead of fast and weak, it’s strong and endured!
  • I tried to increase it.
  • 5 out of 10 girls agreed to come to me.
  • Everyone likes a large and strong trunk of a tree. Why not have it, too?
  • My friend is active 3-4 times a night.
  • She asked to stop, but I liked my strength and duration.
  • When she compared me to a horse, I realized that I had not ordered this product in vain.
  • My husband ‘tormented’ me all night.
  • My husband and I broke the bed.
  • In 40 years of marriage, my husband and I had this happen for the first time.
  • Our family has exhaled – now my husband completely satisfies me.
  • Any girl comes to you after seeing a photo of your secret friend.
  • Men must have a big secret.
  • 5 reasons for decreased male power.
  • This is why male power does not return!
  • These 3 simple techniques will help restore male strength.
  • For a long time I could not believe in the wild passion of my husband…
  • My husband seemed to go crazy! He ‘tormented’ me for 3 hours.
  • His dried root turned into a giant snake.
  • She laughed at him until he revealed his big secret friend
  • One big argument!
  • I sent her a photo of my friend and she came to me!
  • I couldn’t believe in the result of 5 cm!


  • The stroke came unnoticed: hidden signals that your body gives!
  • Home trick for cleaning blood vessels!
  • Hypertension fears this product like plague!
  • Why doctors hide and profit from us is a must-read for hypertensive patients…
  • Normalizes blood pressure if you drink 1 glass at night…
  • I am 90 years old and have never experienced high blood pressure, my grandmother shared this method…
  • “We purposely don’t talk about this product in the news!”
  • Interview with nation’s main cardiologist.
  • Doctors are shocked! This thing cleans vessels like a vacuum cleaner, works better than any powder, read quickly!
  • “Sold out in a day” words from an interview with the chief cardiologist, high blood pressure disappears if you take…
  • I had already lost all hope until my doctor found this product on the Internet…
  • My husband is 89 and I am 78 – we have never suffered from high blood pressure and here’s why…
  • This product breaks through blockages in blood vessels!
  • Homemade recipe to normalize blood pressure, read the full recipe…
  • A natural product that our ancestors drank to get rid of high blood pressure, they drank a glass at night…
  • The cardiologist warns: your blood pressure will return to normal if you stop consuming 3 products!
  • Mystery Solved: Garlic Is Better Than Some Medicines! Add 1 teaspoon of garlic to…
  • I drink 1 glass a day: my blood pressure returned to normal, the swelling went away quickly…
  • The pressure will drop!
  • This is what happens if you add one teaspoon at a time…
  • Thins even the thickest blood! A cardiologist’s secret + advice that…
  • I drink a couple of drops of this product a day and my heart beats like a young one again!
  • My husband had high blood pressure all his life until I found it on the Internet…
  • This is what they are hiding from us, how to return the pressure to normal and continue to live healthy.
  • Now I will live to 115 years old! You only need to do it once a day…
  • What does honey do to the heart?
  • This is what pressure is really afraid of…
  • For 90 years, my husband and I clean our vessels once a year, only with this cheap method…
  • “Well, how many times should I repeat this!” The cardiologist could not stand it and told the whole truth during an interview.

Weight loss

  • It works so well and is so cheap that I had to stop taking it after a week! I recommend drinking it before bed…
  • After pregnancy – the appearance of my figure left much to be desired, I found a way to get rid of the “apron” belly…
  • A unique way has been found to get rid of extra pounds, the main thing is to drink at night this…
  • How to remove belly fat – an effective method is sold in any pharmacy
  • These tasty capsules have a strong fat-burning effect, drink them carefully…
  • A proven method of losing weight if you weigh more than 58 kg.
  • Breaking news! These capsules cause anorexia, why are celebrities silent about this…
  • Sold out within a day, there was a peak in sales of the unique weight loss formula in Colombia…
  • Fitness conspiracy or why they hide an easy form of weight loss…
  • I couldn’t even imagine that I could change after 2 weeks!
  • I was already used to living with excess weight, but this product changed my life 180 degrees!
  • The secret of dramatic weight loss has been revealed to “Famous actress”.
  • Speeds up metabolism 100 times! 109 to 59 kg in a week.
  • From size XL to size L in one week.
  • I fit into my old jeans!
  • Lazy diet, minus 5 – 5 days Without training, food restrictions and returning to extra pounds!
  • 1 drop starts the metabolic process by 300%.
  • Look what one drop a day can do.
  • I can’t believe how easy it is to get rid of a belly flop.
  • Goodbye love handles! Here’s how to easily get amazing results.
  • These 8 products slow down female aging and remove extra pounds.
  • “How many times can you repeat it!” Nation’s head nutritionist told the truth about the “lazy diet”.
  • “I thought it was a dream!” The girl didn’t believe the result a week later, she just drank it at night…
  • “Proper nutrition, restriction, constant exercise – these are all sales tricks!”.
  • A famous nutritionist revealed the secret of the stars’ slim figure.
  • These tips will definitely help: reduce your appetite and stay slim.
  • I drank a glass at night, slept, minus 3 kg! No contraindications.
  • 98% of girls lose weight thanks to this product, without training or restrictions.
  • I was shocked when I found out the truth, if your weight is above 65 kg, urgently read the article!


  • I apply this ointment to the sore joint at night with two fingers and in the morning…
  • I evaporate the inflamed joint and apply the solution, in the morning it relieves all the pain!
  • A miracle has happened! A doctor from %country_name% has developed an ointment for the regeneration of inflamed joints, it turned out that it’s all about…
  • This is why the Chinese never suffer from joint pain…
  • I thought I would remain confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life, until I came across the ointment…
  • “I beg you, listen, joints can be restored without surgery” interview with a rheumatologist from %country_name%.
  • “This ointment was hidden from the general public” The whole truth in the treatment of joints from the main rheumatologist of %country_name%.
  • This cheap ointment restores joints to their original condition.
  • At the same time, even the most worn-out joints and cartilage will heal!
  • Joints recover after 7 days without surgery!
  • “Back and joint pain can lead to disability!” How to escape from this and forget about the pain, says Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor “Name”.
  • The clamps in the back are removed if you apply it at night…
  • Urgently treat inflamed joints, before it leads to disability, you need to smear it at night..
  • Read now, heal sore knees tomorrow, a folk method to restore the joint to 100%
  • Joint pain – treat with a cheap method and without contraindications.
  • 3 secrets to mobile and healthy joints at any age.
  • Your joints will thank you! A cheap method to get back on your feet without knee surgery!
  • Why are we being deceived or who benefits from hiding the truth? How to actually cure joints without surgery and expensive medications!
  • 99% of doctors don’t know this! How to cure an inflamed joint with a cheap home method
  • A cheap remedy will save you from disability.
  • Stop limiting yourself, 3 natural products that treat joints.
  • If your joints ache, there is one proven method to get rid of pain forever!
  • The Japanese hid this method of dealing with sore knees.
  • Now my husband and I are jumping! How a 90-year-old pensioner got back on her feet without surgery or expensive medications…
  • I apply a compress of natural juice to the aching joint, in the morning the pain evaporates somewhere.
  • Healthy joints without expensive surgeries!
  • We are 75 years old, and now my husband and I run in the morning!
  • I did not expect such a quick effect of joint restoration up to 90%
  • Regeneration of old cartilage! Knees like when I was young.
  • 3 products that restore joints…
  • “Apply at night and apply…” A doctor from %country_name% told us a way to restore joints!
  • Regular ointment from the pharmacy saved my knees! I can walk again.
  • I apply this ointment at night and my joints are as strong as when they were young…
  • Pharmacies hide this ointment to sell expensive surgeries. This ointment restores any joint…
  • These 3 components restore joints up to 90%
  • 4 Real Causes of Knee Pain.
  • This ternary decoction heals cartilage and inflamed joints!


  • Who benefits from hiding the truth, diabetes is actually curable, but he is afraid…
  • I lived with diabetes until I was 30, until I found this product on the Internet, and now I don’t monitor my sugar levels…
  • Living without controlling your sugar levels is real! You need to drink it at night…
  • The main cause of diabetes is blockages in blood vessels, a natural product dissolves them if you drink a glass on an empty stomach…
  • It’s not too late to get rid of high blood sugar!
  • “Dry mouth disappeared, sugar stopped jumping” a diabetic in an interview after starting to use a cheap product that helps…
  • The first 4 signs of diabetes, how to get rid of it before it’s too late!
  • Diabetes cannot be cured – truth or myth? Myth, truth revealed by an endocrinologist from %country_name%.
  • You can ideally compensate for diabetes and then your blood sugar will not differ from people without diabetes…
  • Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease from which it is possible to be completely cured, you just need…
  • Blindness, cardiovascular diseases, trophic ulcers – all this can occur if diabetes is not treated…
  • 3 Signs that foot death has begun is a must-read for diabetics.
  • Hidden symptoms of high blood sugar.
  • The main reasons why diabetes does not go away…
  • Cleanse blood vessels = get rid of diabetes.
  • 5 reasons why diabetes does not go away from the body and why it needs to be treated now!
  • Your body always warns you that death is coming! 5 symbol that diabetes will soon win…
  • The body needs help! Here’s how to easily get rid of diabetes and stop paying pharmacies!
  • Why are your feet cold? What diseases accompany cold feet? What to do and…
  • If your legs sometimes go numb, read this article urgently… The first signs of diabetes.
  • Pharmacies are blatantly lying! Pharmacies and doctors feel good when we pay our money! The mystery of diabetes treatment has been revealed…
  • The diabetes bomb or why pharmacies lie that diabetes cannot be cured!
  • Diabetics of the second type, read the article before it is deleted, the secret of treating an “incurable” disease…
  • 3 signs that diabetes is already in the body, and you just need to drink it at night…
  • “I can’t lie anymore!” An endocrinologist revealed the truth about why diabetes can be cured with just two drops a day..


  • Clear vision without surgery is not a dream!
  • 3 products that restore vision…
  • Finally! Drops have been found that can restore vision…
  • My husband took off his glasses in a week! I’m so happy!
  • Blindness can and should be treated without expensive operations…
  • Get your vision back, just one drop…
  • 3 signs of eye blindness…
  • Just one drop at night helps restore 30% of vision!
  • My grandmother lost her sight, I suffered for a long time, tried a lot until I came across these cheap drops…
  • Throw away your glasses and contacts! These cheap drops can restore clear vision…
  • The “doctor” told how he developed a formula for drops that restores vision…
  • Sensation! Cheap drops restore vision, pharmacies sound the alarm…
  • Signs that vision can still be restored!
  • “I couldn’t see beyond my hand!” Read the article about restoring vision with drops.
  • Got rid of glasses! One week, I’m so happy.
  • Experience restoring vision up to 80% with cheap drops, read the article.


  • 3 drops at night removed 2 kg of parasites!
  • My husband laughed until he saw the result in the morning!
  • Advice from the doctor: “Add one drop at night…” the results will amaze you!
  • Look at the result! And how many parasites lived in my body…
  • These worms are deadly! And you definitely have them…
  • These three parasites are eating you from the inside!
  • Get rid of them or they will get rid of you!
  • Why are they silent about this! %country_name% has found a way to get rid of the parasites inside you!
  • Dry mouth is the first cause of parasites inside you!
  • 5 Signs of Deadly Parasites Inside You…
  • That’s who lives inside us! I got rid of them by dripping a drop at night…
  • Doctors are sounding the alarm! %country_name% is in danger because of the parasites within us.

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