How to Find Your Approach for Promoting an Offer?

How to Find Your Approach for Promoting an Offer 2024

Let’s talk about the first and most important step in launching an advertising campaign – finding an approach for promoting an offer. After all, without understanding how to promote it, you definitely won’t come up with effective creatives.

Without further ado, let’s get to it:

  • Explain what your offer does in simple terms.
  • Choose 2 features of the offer and for each, explain the advantage.
  • Think of 2 groups of people for whom the offer is suitable. Write an approach for each group.
  • What fear of the target audience does the product prevent? Write this down as an approach.
  • Come up with two worst ideas for selling the offer and transform them into more or less acceptable approaches.
  • Who is responsible for all the bad things that the offer helps to deal with? Write an approach related to this.
  • What sad thing will happen without using the product? Describe this.
  • Find a couple of complaints about competitors and write how your offer will deal with them.
  • Imagine a customer asking ‘Why will this help me?’ Answer them, then imagine they ask it again. And again, provide an answer.
  • Think of two people you know personally. How would you sell it to them?
  • Look at what’s interesting in the news in your geo. How can you link your product to these events?
  • What’s new about your product? Write this down as a novelty approach or a ‘Breaking News’ approach.

If you do everything correctly, in the end, you will have more than 10 approaches, and at least one or two of them will surely be effective. Good luck!

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