How to Target Telegram Users on Facebook?

How to Target Telegram Users on Facebook Step By Step Guide 2024

Targeting Telegram users on Facebook is a quite new direction. Perhaps, you’d agree with us. Here are a few recommendations we’ve identified in the process of our experiments.

When using the “Traffic” objective, targeting Telegram users on Facebook becomes difficult. But here’s the solution:

  1. Create a one-page website in a website builder with a button to transition to Telegram;
  2. Install a pixel;
  3. Set up a campaign with a “Conversions” objective.

Add the pixel to the “Open in Telegram” button and select “Lead” to optimize targeting for messenger users.

Note: A call-to-action button like “Apply” really does increase conversions.

Also, avoid placements on Facebook and PCs – focus on Instagram and mobile platforms for more effective targeting.

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