Manual from Meta CPA: Promoting Nutra Offers with Facebook

Meta CPA Guide How to Promote Nutra Offers on Facebook 2024

Facebook is an excellent source of traffic, with a huge audience reach worldwide and advanced advertising platform algorithms. It can be used for most verticals, including nutra.

Today, we will tell you how to do it!

This material is a step-by-step guide that will help you drive traffic to nutra with Facebook. We have outlined the steps you need to take to develop your strategy, what to consider when preparing creatives, and how to successfully pass moderation.

Let’s get started!

What should you know before launching?

Before starting to develop your strategy, the webmaster must choose the traffic source, offer, and GEO.

As a traffic source, we have chosen Facebook because our manual is called “Driving nutra with Facebook”.

Jokes aside, Facebook’s audience is almost two billion users, it covers most GEOs, and allows you to promote almost any offer. Despite the strict moderation, Facebook remains the largest and most advanced advertising network.

Next, you need to choose your GEO. We recommend targeting Latin America – the local audience is receptive to nutra offers, and the underdeveloped healthcare system drives users to seek solutions online. Despite the low purchasing power, it is quite profitable to drive traffic to LatAm – the traffic is inexpensive, and the audience is easily convertible.

The best option when selecting nutra offers is to consult with a manager.

The situation in affiliate marketing can change fast, so it’s better to ask for current offers directly.

In terms of themes, offers for prostate, hypertension, diabetes, and vision treatment show the best performance.

Meta CPA Guide How to Promote Nutra Offers on Facebook 2024
For example, Prostavar [CO] exclusive from MetaCPA is a good choice. This offer consistently drives traffic from Facebook, with a 31% approval rate and payouts starting at $14.

Note: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Always consult with a lawyer regarding the specific legal aspects of promoting nutra offers, especially if they make health claims. Advertising regulations and legal considerations can vary depending on your location and the specific product you are promoting. Consulting with a lawyer can help ensure your campaigns comply with all applicable laws and avoid potential legal trouble.

Preparation: accounts, expenses, and plans for your strategy

The next step is to prepare your expenses and tools for launching.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Accounts. The best option is to farm accounts yourself, as this will ensure their trust level. Don’t forget to connect a fingerprint on the account farming stage and prepare it – publish posts, fill out information, show activity, and gain followers. Note that it’s better to prepare (or buy) accounts in batches of no less than 10;
  • Anti-detect browser + proxy. To farm accounts, you’ll need an anti-detect browser and proxies. Just choose trustworthy options, such as Indigo or Dolphin;
  • Cloaking solution. You won’t be able to launch promotion without a cloaking solution – Facebook won’t let ads through and will ban the account. Cloaking.House or CLOAK IT can help with this.
  • Payment solutions. Take a look at EPN.NET.

Once your tools are ready, all that’s left is to prepare creatives and launch campaigns! We’ll tell you more about developing creatives in the next section, but for now, let’s dive into the traffic-driving algorithm:

  1. Prepare your accounts. Farm them for at least three weeks, and don’t forget about warming up the fingerprint;
  2. Warm up the fingerprint. Publish a new post on your fingerprint with one of your creatives and a link to the white page you plan to use for cloaking. Promote this post for engagement purposes for 2-7 days, with a daily budget of $2-8.
  3. Warm up your ad campaign. Launch ads on white offers with a daily budget of up to $10. You can warm up for a week up to a month – the longer, the higher the trust. It’s important that the offer passes moderation 100%.
  4. Set up your cloaking. You need to prepare a link that will send moderators to the white page and the audience to the landing page.
  5. When the link is ready, you can upload your creatives, set up targeting, and start promoting. Further results depend on Facebook, moderators, account trust, and a little bit of luck.

Note: Don’t let creative ideas blind you to the biggest hurdle for nutra ads on Facebook: compliance. Strict policies against miracle cures and misleading claims can get your ads banned, costing you access and progress. Prioritize educating viewers about potential benefits and be upfront about disclaimers.

Promo materials: How to prepare creatives and landing pages?

In this section, we have compiled examples of effective creatives and landing pages – use them to prepare promo materials for your strategy.

Meta CPA Guide How to Promote Nutra Offers on Facebook 2024

As examples, we have taken creatives and landing pages for different offer categories: prostate, hypertension, diabetes, and vision.

Let’s start with creatives and effective approaches to their development:

  • Visualization. Show specific problems the audience faces through illustrations or photos that highlight discomfort familiar to your viewers;
  • Naturalness. Add images of plant-based products to your creatives – this will let users know that the offer is natural;
  • Doctors. You can add doctors to your creatives – in some countries, this will help build trust. Note that in many LatAm GEOs, people still distrust doctors, so it’s better to know this aspect of the mentality in advance.
  • Don’t forget to coordinate your creatives with your manager, as some advertisers do not allow approaches with doctors and media personalities;
  • Text. Don’t forget to include text on your creatives – it will grab attention and show that you can solve the user’s problem;
  • Format. Before working with video, make sure that the selected GEO has enough speed for comfortable loading.
Meta CPA Guide How to Promote Nutra Offers on Facebook 2024

Well, nutra offers are good stuff, yet there are also gambling offers. Would you like to know how to promote them? Our affiliate marketing experts helped us write an article on it. Check it out!

Moving on to landing pages.

Overall, the most effective format so far has been the news format with flashy headlines and “innovative” inventions.

Here are some important aspects to consider:

Moving on to landing pages.

In general, the most effective format so far has been the news format with catchy headlines and “innovative” inventions.

Here are some important aspects to consider:

  • Trust elements. Place photos of doctors, certificates, and reviews on the landing page – this will help build trust. Don’t forget to check with your manager if you can use media personalities and mention real companies;
  • Offers. The lower the potential lead income – the stronger the discounts will influence the decision to buy. Add offers to your landing pages – they are a great motivator for the audience;
  • Live photos. Take a vector towards live photos – people can distinguish stock images and they inspire much less trust.
Meta CPA Guide How to Promote Nutra Offers on Facebook 2024

If you plan to use media personalities in your promo materials, check with your manager if you can do this. Advertisers may prohibit this approach due to reputational risks, so it is worth approving any NON-stock photos in advance.

Tread Carefully

Facebook’s reach is great, but nutra ads face hurdles. Strict policies can get your ads disapproved or even ban your account. Misleading claims might land you in legal trouble.

Stay Compliant:

  • Educate, don’t promise miracles.
  • Disclose everything clearly: it’s a supplement, not a cure.
  • Check Facebook’s ever-changing ad policies for nutra products.

Honest Ads & Landing Pages:

  • Use clear visuals and avoid exploiting health anxieties.
  • Create informative landing pages with disclaimers.

Play it safe, and focus on honest education. Build trust and avoid trouble.

A Broader Perspective

While Facebook offers a vast audience for nutra advertising, navigating its policies and complexities requires a strategic approach. This article goes beyond basic setup to explore compliant practices and considerations for effective campaigns across various geos and offer categories.

Building Compliant Campaigns:

  • Stay Up-to-Date: Facebook’s advertising policies are constantly evolving. Regularly check their Advertising Policies section, specifically for guidelines on promoting health supplements. Honest
  • Creatives and Landing Pages: Use visuals that avoid exploiting health anxieties and focus on the product’s features. Create informative landing pages with clear disclaimers.

Strategies for Different GEOs:

  • Research Local Regulations: Nutra advertising regulations vary by region. Investigate specific restrictions and banned ingredients before launching campaigns.
  • Cultural Considerations: Adapt your creatives and messaging to resonate with the target audience’s cultural norms and sensitivities.
  • Localize Language and Visuals: Use the local language and visuals that align with the target GEO’s preferences.

Remember: Always prioritize responsible advertising practices. Building trust with your audience through education and transparency will lead to more sustainable and successful campaigns in the long run.


Instead of a conclusion, we decided to collect the key theses to remember:

  • When selecting a GEO, take a vector to LatAm or Asia – these regions have shown excellent results in nutra over the past few years;
  • When selecting an offer, consult with your manager – this is the only way to get the most up-to-date information;
  • Before launching, you need to prepare a batch of accounts, get a cloak and an anti-detect browser, and find clean proxies;
  • The majority of the launch is farming and preparation;
  • Use the examples of creatives and landing pages we showed above – they have already shown excellent effectiveness when working with offers from different categories.

Today we have told you how to run nutra on Facebook. We hope our guide will help you prepare effective campaigns and not get lost in the intricacies of the platform!

See you!

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