Review of BC.GAME: Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

Today, we will introduce you to the affiliate program of the crypto casino BC.GAME. We will share the benefits of collaboration, explain how to get started, and much more.

Recently, cryptocurrency has become closely linked to the realm of gambling. Since 2014, players have placed bets totaling $4.5 billion in BTC alone. Moreover, approximately 337 players per second are placing bets using cryptocurrencies. Around 60% of all BTC transactions are related to gambling establishments, and the daily turnover of cryptocurrency bets is approximately $3 million.

Because of that, crypto casinos specializing exclusively in cryptocurrency betting have become in demand. Cryptocurrency solves many problems for gambling enthusiasts, especially by allowing them to avoid restrictions imposed by governments.

Crypto casinos have also caught the attention of webmasters because platforms dealing with cryptocurrency have a higher conversion rate compared to similar platforms using fiat currency.

What you need to know about the BC.GAME affiliate program

BC.GAME is a direct advertiser of a platform offering users casino games and the opportunity to place sports bets. This platform has had a Curacao license since 2023.

You can earn commissions ranging from 25% to 50% under the RevShare model by inviting players to place bets on the official BC.GAME website through your referral link.

They accept traffic from all sources, excluding mislead, motivated traffic, and scheme traffic. Traffic is allowed from any GEO. The team is relatively new but is open to feedback from partners and improving collaboration terms.

Benefits of working with the BC.GAME affiliate program

As a direct advertiser, BC.GAME offers all the benefits of collaboration, including:

  • Acceptance of traffic from various sources, except for motivated, scheme, and mislead traffic. You can use traffic from SEO, social networks, and ASO.
  • High RevShare rates – up to 50% of referred players, with the possibility of increasing it. To get an increased rate, contact your personal manager.
  • Monthly payouts starting at $22, with the option to carry over unpaid amounts to the next period.
  • BTC and USDT payments with no fees, instant crediting.
  • High conversion of reg2dep and good player LTV, increasing your RevShare income.
  • A new product attracting attention in various GEOs, easy promotion, and a wide audience of potential players.
  • The ability to attract leads both to the casino and to the bookmaker, expanding the audience and variety of entertainment.
  • Provision of free promo materials for partners upon request from your personal manager.
  • Support and feedback from BC.GAME representatives at any time.
  • Quick responses from managers.
  • Transparent statistics without shaving, available for tracking in your personal account.
  • Open registration without the need for an interview.

At the initial stage, a RevShare rate of 25% is provided, and eventually can be increased to 50%.

Registration in the BC.GAME affiliate program and an review of the personal account:

To create your personal account, go to the website and click on the “Sign Up”:

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

In the opened form (the sign up section), provide the following information:

  • Email address.
  • Password.
  • Company name.
  • Nickname.
  • Full name.
  • Address.
  • Phone number.

Agree to the platform’s terms and conditions, then click the “Register” button.

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

Afterwards, you can log in to your personal account using your email and password. The personal account typically features a standard interface commonly found in many affiliate programs. The main page consists of a dashboard with brief statistics and information about your balance. On the left, you will find a navigation menu for easy access to various sections.

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

If you click on your email, a form will open with a button to access your wallet and log out of the affiliate program interface.

In the “Campaigns” section, there are three subsections:

  • “My Campaigns” – This section contains your current campaigns.
  • “My Postbacks” – A section where you can configure your postbacks.
  • “Postbacks log” – A log with information about configured postbacks.

In the “My Campaigns” section, you have the opportunity to create a new campaign or filter existing ones.

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

In the “My Postbacks” section, you can create a postback by clicking the “New Postback” button. You can specify the type of postback, actions to track, and UTM tags.

The “Reports” section is designed for tracking various statistics. Here, you can find information about payouts, accounts, transactions, advertising campaigns, and sub-accounts. Each of these statistics has its own filter for easier analysis and provides the option to export data in CSV format.

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

In the “Affiliate program” section, you can review information about your RevShare rate, your manager’s contact info, rules, and guidance on working with the platform. This section provides valuable resources and support for your affiliate partnership with BC.GAME.

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

In the “My Account” section, you can update your account information, upload documents, manage payment details, and stay updated with news on the platform.

How to earn from BC.GAME’s affiliate network offers?

To earn from promoting BC.GAME offers, you need to:

  • Go to the “My Campaigns” section and click “New Campaign.”
  • Enter the campaign name and click the “Next” button:
BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024
  • The selection of target audiences and promotional materials is done with consideration for adapting all materials to various GEOs.
BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024
  • The final step involves clicking the “Next” button, then “Finish,” after which you will be provided with a link that you need to copy.
BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

At this stage, you can set up a postback for the created campaign. Now you can start driving traffic using the obtained link.

For exclusive rates and bonuses, you can contact Peter Chiang, the affiliate manager, via email: 

How to withdraw money from the BC.GAME affiliate network: 

To withdraw funds from BC.GAME to BTC or USDT once a month, please log in to your account, then go to the “Wallet” section and click “Add” to add withdrawal details. The minimum withdrawal amount is $22, and the funds are automatically processed.

BCGAME Affiliate Program of the Crypto Casino Since 2014 2024

Then select “CoinsPayid,” USDT, or BTC and enter your wallet address. After that, click “Submit.”

User Reviews on the BC.GAME Affiliate Program

BC.GAME is a new affiliate program and has limited reviews at the moment. If you have experience working with BC.GAME, please share in the section below. Describe what you appreciate about partnering with this affiliate program and provide suggestions for improvement. Your thoughts and reviews can help others make informed decisions about collaborating with this affiliate program.

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BC.GAME is a crypto-casino affiliate program that offers up to a 50% commission through the RevShare model for customer referrals. By joining BC.GAME, you gain the benefits of a direct advertiser: high stakes, reliable payments, and a product with excellent LTV.

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