Why You Should not Target a Narrow Audience on Facebook

Why You Should not Target a Narrow Audience on Facebook 2024

Back in the day, affiliates and webmasters would search for their audiences and target them narrowly. Those times have passed, and today such approach is pointless.

Why is it so?

  • Interests. Interests are not equal to making a purchase. Algorithms still primarily show ads to those who have already bought something on Facebook.
  • High CPM. With narrow audiences, CPM is higher because audiences are fewer. And the higher CPM is, the more the algorithm reads the signal that the content is not interesting to the audience. The ad will be more expensive and somewhere at the bottom of the feed, as Facebook gives preference to campaigns that deliver results.

Accordingly, it remains to target a wide audience and trust the algorithms. Age, gender, and location – that’s all you need.

If your focus is on scaling and you give the algorithm more space, the content will be able to find and form its own audience more efficiently than with narrow targeting.

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