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Searching for workable combinations in affiliate marketing can take up a lot of time. But testing ideas manually and wasting money is not necessary when you can use spy tools for affiliate marketing. Today, we will explain what they are, how to use them, and also provide links to popular platforms.
AdLover 2024

AdLover is a spy tool for monitoring and analyzing ads on Instagram. The project was launched in 2018 by Sergey Tsvetaev, known to a wide range of users as the creator of the Publer service. Initially, the platform allowed monitoring only teasers from advertising stories, but now it also tracks creatives from feeds and profiles. […]

SpyOver 2024

SpyOver is a tool that allows monitoring of advertising campaigns in teaser networks. It has been on the market since 2017 and is actively used by affiliates, marketers, and advertisers. The platform enables tracking of competitors’ actions, finding the most popular products, and optimizing their own advertising campaigns. Currently, SpyOver analyzes ads from 15 international […]

Espyge 2024

Espyge is a spy tool that helps to solve analytical and monitoring tasks related to teaser advertising in the CIS-countries. The platform’s beta testing started in 2021. Currently, the tool is capable of tracking the situation in 11 traffic sources across 9 CIS-countries. There are more than 60,000 available advertisements on a daily basis, and […]

AdHeart 2024

Adheart.ru is a new spy tool that allows users to analyze advertising on Facebook. The tool was developed by Sergey Tsvetaev, who gained widespread recognition for creating popular services such as Publer, Adlover, and Telemetr. The platform allows users to search and analyze advertising creatives placed through targeted advertising on Facebook in any format and […]

AdSpoiler 2024

Adspoiler is a tool that analyzes advertising posts in Vkontakte groups. It has been on the market since 2015 and currently scans over 20,000 communities of the most popular social network among Russian-speakeks. All data is updated in real-time, providing users with the most current information. Adspoiler makes it easy to search for the most […]

AdMobiSpy 2024

AdMobiSpy is a mobile ad spy tool for top advertising networks covering over 180 countries worldwide. The tool analyzes 23 advertising networks and 6 pop-up networks, processing almost 30,000 ads daily. Recently, the ability to monitor video ads has been added. For those involved in mobile affiliate marketing, AdMobiSpy helps to find the most profitable […]

AdPlexity 2024

AdPlexity is an international advertising spy tool established in 2010. It tracks desktop, mobile, and native ads worldwide, covering about 80 countries. The tool provides comprehensive statistics on thousands of ad campaigns. Mobile ads from 15 exchanges and PopUp ads from 5 networks are monitored. AdPlexity is the only tool that can monitor campaigns across […]

SpyTeg 2024

SpyTeg is a monitoring and analysis spy tool for adult advertising, launched in 2019. The platform allows you to receive data from 6 advertising networks, such as ExoClick, JuicyAds, TrafficJunky, EroAdvertising, TrafficStars, and TrafficFactory, which place ads in more than 70 countries around the world. At the moment, there are more than 170,000 adult-themed ads […]

What are spy tools?

Spy tools are platforms that help you find effective ad combinations. They assist in discovering the creatives currently being used for promotions and provide approximate statistics on them. With this tool, you can monitor advertisements with high quality and gather maximum information about them, including targeting settings.

Their main functions include:

  1. Searching for active creatives based on keywords and other parameters.
  2. Gathering data about landing pages, including their geographical location and targeting settings.
  3. Identifying effective combinations: from traffic sources to offers.

Using spy tools allows you to see which ads are currently trending and profitable. This helps you find suitable formats for promotion, explore successful networks, or choose relevant offers.

Types of spy tools

Spy tools for affiliate marketing can be categorized based on the advertising networks they target with their bots. They are designed for:

  1. Facebook and related social networks.
  2. Mobile advertising.
  3. Native advertising.
  4. PUSH notifications.

Spy tools can also be classified based on cost, distinguishing between paid and free options. The functionality of free spy tools is limited, making them suitable primarily for beginners who need to learn how to use the tool.

Why do you need spy tools?

First of all, do not think that spy tools help you have a ready solution. It is not advisable to use the same solution without changing it because copying a marketing solution from another affiliate may not bring profit. There are several reasons for this:

  • The offer or a solution may be outdated and no longer converting.
  • It is not possible to fully copy the settings because the spy tool only partially replicates them.
  • You may not have a favorable affiliate offer for that particular offer, and the cost of lead generation may not be high enough.

Here are the basic reasons why affiliates should use spy tools:

  1. Saving money on testing. You can make the campaign launch easier by previewing prototypes of working funnels used by competitors, adapting them to your needs, and then launching them. You will still need to test the created funnel, but it will require less money and time.
  2. Ready trend reviews. This is particularly important when it comes to trending products. Seasonal items and those currently popular, such as spinners, Pop-Its, and others, can be found in the market through spy tools. By using these tools, you can discover analogs of popular toys or entertainment items.
  3. Finding inspiration. Spy tools can show you the landing pages and offers used in successful campaigns. You can view images and ad copy, which will allow you to create your own campaign based on a successful one.

Using spy tools to analyze offers helps affiliates understand how to approach their campaigns. It is worth looking at the lifespan of an ad – if it has been running for 5-10 days, it means it is profitable for its owners. Pay attention to funnels that have been running for more than 2 weeks, as they are likely converting well for advertisers.

Who uses spy tools?

The main users of spy tools are affiliates. They utilize these tools to study the experiences of others and discover interesting and profitable funnels. However, these tools are also valuable for:

  1. Business owners: Spy tools can help business owners observe how their competitors promote their products. By automating the data collection process, these tools provide more information than manual ad searching.
  2. Marketers: Marketers can benefit from spy tools by analyzing successful campaigns and gaining insights into effective strategies used by competitors. This information can inform their own marketing efforts and help them stay competitive in the market.
  3. Webmasters: Spy tools provide webmasters with valuable data on landing pages, offers, and marketing tactics used by competitors. This information can be used to optimize their own websites, improve user experience, and increase conversion rates.

In summary, spy tools are not only useful for affiliates but also for business owners, marketers, and webmasters who want to gain insights into their competitors’ strategies and optimize their own campaigns. These tools automate data collection and provide a wealth of information that may not be easily obtained through manual searching.

Review of Spy Tools for Facebook

There are many platforms that provide advertising statistics for social media networks. Let’s consider spy tools for Facebook, and you can choose the best one.

Name Description Price per month
PowerAdSpy Works with over 50 million ads in 15 countries. Shows how users interact with ads – likes, comments, link clicks, and more. Provides analytics on reach, latest trends, and interactions. Filters allow searching for ads by age, target audience, niche, and other parameters. Starting from $49. Free plan available with 20 searches. Paid plans can be tested for $1-7.
AdPlexity Gathers data from 82 countries. Allows downloading landing pages in .zip format. Finds connections based on advertiser, network, offer. Works with mobile and desktop campaigns. Supports networks beyond Facebook, such as StartApp. Price depends on the plan. Minimum cost – $149. Free plan available.
AdEspresso Partially free spy tool. Can be used for advertising setup on Facebook and competitor monitoring. Enables campaign optimization by creating and testing multiple ads to find the most effective ones. Free 14-day trial available. Price starts from $49.
Social ad scout Supports all ad formats. Provides precise targeting settings used by competitor advertisers. Tracks images, videos, scripts, landing pages, and more. Displays used trackers, keywords, affiliate networks, and other details. Service cost – $147.
WhatRunsWhere Spy tool for Facebook. Comprehensive tracking of advertising strategies. Provides approximate insights into competitor ads that generate the highest profits. Some features available for free. Price starts from $299.
Adsector Enables cloaking, displays all working creatives, and shows advertising campaign settings. Offers demographic, geographic, and interest targeting insights. Also reveals the landing pages where traffic is directed. Service cost – $249.
AdSpy Spy tool for Facebook and Instagram. Works with over 51 million ads in 182 countries and 80 languages. Searches by text, affiliate networks, comments. Filters ads by day, age, gender, and more. Price – $149.

Review of Spy Tools for Push Traffic

First, let’s recap: push traffic refers to users who click on pre-landers or offers from pop-up notifications, or vice versa, those who need to subscribe to them. We have previously provided detailed information on push affiliate marketing and how to work with it. If you want to learn more, please read other articles in our knowledge base.

Now let’s move on to the review of spy tools for push notifications. There will be fewer tools because push networks themselves appeared much later than Facebook.

Name Description Price per month
Spypush Contains over 60,000 creatives from three push networks. Works with over 140 countries. Filters creatives by keywords, device type, network, and other parameters. Provides ad statistics, including the number of days they have been running. Price – $49. After registration, you will get free access to 5 countries for 24 hours.
Pushycat Private spy-push tool. Works with 16 countries and 5 ad networks, supporting popular push formats. Shows the frequency of a creative immediately – the higher the frequency, the better it performs. Price starts from $40 per month, with three tariff options.
Push by ะกpa Rip Monitors creatives in 7 ad networks. Currently has over 88,000 creatives from 115 countries in its database. Allows direct image downloads, landing page visits, and copying of creative text. Access is free.
Adfind Works with nine ad networks. Allows sorting pushes by network, popularity, country, and other parameters. Offers the ability to save and export materials. Price – $25. There is a free version that offers up to 10 searches per day for the MegaPush network.

Choose any of the provided tools or continue searching. The prices for spy tools for push notifications are lower than for Facebook, and some of them are available for free.

Features of working with spy tools

To make the most of the tool’s capabilities, here are some tips:

  • Write queries in the language of your chosen GEO. Additionally, before conducting a search, you can check the keyword using Google Analytics to assess its popularity in the desired country.
  • Set the search interval to 7-14 days to evaluate the campaign’s performance. Fresh creatives are less likely to be affected by banner blindness among the audience.
  • Configure filters to the maximum to find truly effective campaigns.
  • Avoid copying other people’s creatives, instead, optimize them for your own campaign to make them better and more interesting.
  • Exclude marketing campaigns from your search, as using their creatives may result in copyright issues.
  • Filter the results based on the daily traffic volume and monitor the campaigns. If the volumes of acquired leads remain high for 2-3 days, then the creative might work well for you too.
  • Filter campaigns by advertisers to select high-converting promotions.

Don’t forget about analytics: consider the devices from which the creative converts and the launch date of the ad. It’s also important to evaluate the stage of ad promotion โ€” don’t use materials that are in decline.

How to view creatives of your rivals on Facebook

Not many people know about a tool that allows you to search for ad creatives for affiliate marketing on Facebook without using spy tools. The platform has its own database called the Facebook Ad Library, which stores data on all running campaigns.

It’s simple to use – you go to the link, enter keywords, and study the results. It immediately shows on which platforms the ads are being placed (Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and others) and how many ads use a particular text or image. You can also see the launch date of the ads.

Detailed data on impressions, clicks, and target settings are not available. However, you can download the creatives by right-clicking and saving them as regular images.

You can also pay attention to ads as you scroll through your feed or use the search bar. However, you cannot filter the results to only show advertisements, so you will have to scroll through various posts in the hope of finding ads.

How to view creatives of your rivals on Instagram

To monitor your competitors on Instagram, you don’t necessarily need to use spy tools. You can utilize the same Facebook Ad Library, as it includes ads that are shown exclusively on Instagram. These ads are marked with the Instagram icon.

If you want to check what a specific rival is advertising, you can do it directly within the mobile application of the social network. To do this, go to their profile, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and select “About This Account -> Active Ads.” You will be directed to the same Ad Library, but it will display only the campaigns launched from that profile.

This method works only if the rival’s Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page from which the ads are being run. If the account is not linked, the tool will not find any ads.

Analyzing ads of your rivals in Google Ads

Working with rivals in Google Ads without spy tools is more challenging compared to social media platforms. The reason is that unlike search engines like Bing, Google does not provide the ability to view all ads for a specific keyword.

Searching for ads on Google is complicated because:

  • Different ads may appear for the same query each time, requiring you to enter the same keyword multiple times.
  • It is impossible to know all the phrases that rivals are targeting with their ads, so some ads may go unnoticed.

Therefore, when it comes to Google Ads and contextual advertising, affiliate marketing specialists often rely on spy tools to save time and minimize manual labor.

Revealing ads of your rivals on TikTok

There are some tools available for monitoring rivals’ advertisements on TikTok, but they are limited in number. Additionally, these tools do not cover all advertising formats on the platform. As a result, you will have to search for some creatives on your own. Here are a few methods you can use:

  1. Look at recommendations and like videos related to your affiliate marketing vertical. Over time, the system will suggest more videos of that nature.
  2. Search for videos that are not part of TikTok’s advertising network using hashtags.
  3. Pay attention to collaborations between influencers and content creators.

Some creatives can be found through spy tools, while others can be discovered within the TikTok platform itself. Spammed videos are sometimes used because they occasionally gain popularity in recommendations and attract a large amount of free traffic.

Spy tools significantly facilitate the process of working with creatives by providing fresh ideas and ready-made advertising materials.


What are spy tools?

They are platforms that allow you to discover the creatives and landing pages used by other affiliates. We have extensively covered what spy tools are in the article, and even beginners will understand them.

How do spy tools gather information?

There are several methods: creating accounts for monitoring social media, direct collaboration with advertising platforms, and using search bots. The latter collects information from the web and uploads it to the company’s servers.

What are the benefits of spy tools for affiliate marketing?

They significantly save time by allowing you to find “fresh” creatives being used at the moment within a couple of minutes. They also help create profitable campaigns by providing working ideas and ready-made images that can be used for setting up advertisements.

Which spy tools can be used to analyze pop-under and click-under traffic?

For these traffic sources, you can use any spy tool that works with adult advertising. Additionally, tools such as AdPlexity, AdMobiSpy, and Anstrex are suitable.

How to analyze ads of your rivals?

You can search for them manually, but you may miss some ads because your profile may not match the targeting criteria on social media platforms, or you may not be able to cover all of your rivals’ keywords. It is easier to use spy tools, advertising monitoring platforms, where you can find competitors’ ads based on keywords, landing pages, and other parameters.

How to view rivals’ creatives on Instagram?

If you want to see the ads running from a specific profile, visit the rivals’ account and select “About This Account -> Active Ads.” You can also use the Facebook Ad Library to search for ads based on keywords.

What are some spy tools for analyzing rivals in contextual advertising?

SEMrush, AdMobiSpy, and others are available. These tools often search for ads not only in search engine networks but also in other sources such as teaser and targeted advertising. They allow you to find various traffic sources and immediately see the approaches used in them.

Where can you view ads of your rivals on Facebook?

You can find them in the Ad Library. You can specify either a specific page that launched or received ads or use keywords such as “weight loss,” “education,” “dashcam,” and others.
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